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    Tweet    On Tuesday at 2:15p Eastern time, Ex-President Trump finally surrendered and walked into the Manhattan district court building surrounded by his lawyers and securities for his long-awaited arraignment. The proceedings were short and quick, catch and release case; no handcuff or a mugshot; it could have been easily done on Zoom saving American people millions of dollars and a big headache. Everyone wants an O. J. Simpson trial show with a helicopter hovering over Trump’s black S.U.V. for moment-by-moment live coverage. Some journalists worried about Trump inciting language asked Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, who presides over the case, if he would issue a gag order for Mr. Trump.…

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    TweetThey said a sheep would spend its entire life fearing the wolves, only to be eaten by the Shepperd at the end.! I grew up in a county where military generals came to power and ruled for a long time, weaning Sheppard cloth. They warned us of the wolves larking around the corner. After the military coup of 1952, Nasser made us fear the wolves of western imperialism and Zionism, then Communism wolves was a Sadat thing. During Mubarak, the wolf was the change; stability was a virtue. General el-Sisi came to power on a tank to protect Egyptians from the new wolves’ Muslim brotherhoods. Egyptians always, however, ended up…

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    THE CHOICE. 2020!!!

    Tweet    The Choice…!! Every four years, billions of dollars are spent on the presidential elections to make sure the public make the right choice. However, we always end up with a fake choice, a choice between a republican and republican light. Between Pepsi or Coke, two products with the same lousy ingredient, but one is a bet snuggery. Trump is not the only major problem in America; he is a symptom of the decaying American empire. The Democrats have their turns to ruin it, with Clinton and Obama; still. American’s problems keep on being compounded, politically, economically, and racially. However, the political debates have no significant differences, dominated by…


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