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    Tweet  Al Midan (The Square) Jan. 25 will mark the 11th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, where for the first time in history, millions of Egyptians marched into the streets to claim their country back. No public place symbolized this revolution like Tahrir Square, which most Egyptians know as “Al Midan”. Sitting in my living room in Minnetonka, MN 11 years ago glowed to TV Aljazeera Arabic, where the revolution was televised. 18 glorious days of protest that toppled 30 years of dictatorship. Al Midan has been the traditional gathering place for Egyptians with a grievance; it inspired the world even Occupied Wall Street Movement in America.. A few months…

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    TweetThey said a sheep would spend its entire life fearing the wolves, only to be eaten by the Shepperd at the end.! I grew up in a county where military generals came to power and ruled for a long time, weaning Sheppard cloth. They warned us of the wolves larking around the corner. After the military coup of 1952, Nasser made us fear the wolves of western imperialism and Zionism, then Communism wolves was a Sadat thing. During Mubarak, the wolf was the change; stability was a virtue. General el-Sisi came to power on a tank to protect Egyptians from the new wolves’ Muslim brotherhoods. Egyptians always, however, ended up…

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    Tweet  The year 2021 is leaving us with lots of personal, political, and economic anxieties; it started with the defeat of Trump, Biden’s transition of power took longer than the Taliban’s transition of power in Afghanistan. Trump became the first president to be impeached twice and banned from Facebook and Twitter. NASA launched the WEBB, and Bezos of Amazon went into space in a phallic shape rocket for a quickie. The conviction of white police officer Derek Chauvin of killing black man George Floyd and disgraced Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of recruiting minors for high stake sex. However, she may still have lots of plea bargaining power, all the high-profile…


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