They said a sheep would spend its entire life fearing the wolves, only to be eaten by the Shepperd at the end.! I grew up in a county where military generals came to power and ruled for a long time, weaning Sheppard cloth. They warned us of the wolves larking around the corner. After the military coup of 1952, Nasser made us fear the wolves of western imperialism and Zionism, then Communism wolves was a Sadat thing. During Mubarak, the wolf was the change; stability was a virtue. General el-Sisi came to power on a tank to protect Egyptians from the new wolves’ Muslim brotherhoods. Egyptians always, however, ended up eaten by Shepperd. el-Sisi became a Zionist capitalist who is now eating anyone standing in his way, including his supporters. American history is full of wolves,  where Americans are asked to fear  blacks, communism, the Chinese, Muslim immigrants, refugees, and others. Now, we are made to believe that the biggest problem facing America is Trump, the new wolf.

The attack on the Capitol a year ago is presented as the biggest threat to our democracy, a salacious coup, threatening the future of America. A country muzzled by a pandemic killed more than a million and infected a million a day. A collapsing economy. They want us to believe that the biggest threat to America is a bunch of hillbilly mob storming the capital wearing wolves cloth (literarily) , howling weavings flags signs, banners in front of eager news cameras. Now at the federal court, more than 700 rounded up to be put on trial; we hear more remorse and weeping than howling, the wolves became the sheep. “Classic toxic masculinity was on full display when those would-be heroes rallied to “save America” on Jan. 6, but some became hapless patsies once they were held accountable. Their capes became baby blankets.” Wrote Alex McElroy in the Times! Trump Isn’t the Only One to Blame for the Capitol Riot  “The riot was an attack on our institutions, and of course, inflammatory conservative rhetoric and social media bear some of the blame. But our institutions also helped produce that violent outburst by building a sense of entitlement to power within America’s” conservative minority.  wrote the Times In America, religious buildings are attacked; Synagogues (latest this week) , Churches, Mosques, Schools, government buildings not so much. We live in a country where our schools turned into shopping malls where students/parents choose their facts the same as Pepsi or Coke. In shopping malls, our children get their education and learn who our heroes and cultural icons are. As we celebrate MLK’s 93rd birthday, we learn that millions of people marched to the Capitol; for years, not a single one tried to storm the Capitol. However, blacks still are the most to suffer from those who resign inside. The Capitol, where racist laws denying voting rights and vote suppression have been kept for more than 130 years. The Capitol, where Congress is stopping any meaningful change in our healthcare or economic and racial justice. “The evil of capitalism is as real as the evil of militarism and evil of racism,” said MLK once; you don’t hear it on his birthday, where the media usually reduce him to a dreamer. The wolves in the Capitol are wearing the sheep cloth, making the most insidious laws that hurt the Sheppard they are supposed to protect.. Democrats just joined the republicans to undermine Biden’s attempt to end surprise medical bills, which drove thousands of Americans to economic ruins. Congress put Nixon, Clinton, and Trump on trial for a misdemeanor. Bush, a war criminal, who invaded two countries on a big lie, caused millions of deaths, and cost billions, is free lecturing us about democracy. Now our healthcare is collapsing; hospitals are stretched and turning sicks away. Our pharmacies are making $$ billions of profits out of the pandemics. Amazon company swollen two-thirds of our logistics system, Jeff Bezos went on space trip in a phallic shape rocket for a quicky. We still don’t hear anyone talking about nationalizing hospitals or guaranteeing a minimum living income like another part of the industrial world! However, all we hear is Trump’s threat to our democracy and the 2024 election, the first president to be impeached twice, but how can you impeach the 74 million Trumpeters. Turning a building into a shrine, a deity to worship, used to be religious buildings; now, in the Capitol, we are asked to worship. Arab Spring people gathered by the mosques, then government buildings were the first to be stormed. Buildings earn their reverence and deity by the values it represents and what they do for their worshipers, not a place for the wolves to hide! So when you hear someone crying wolf, don’t look too far.

Ahmed Tharwat

Jan. 18, 2022





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