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The Jewish Victimization Complex
The Zionist project was built on a genocidal ideology, a
The homeland for the Jews, the native majority of the Palestinians, according to the Zionist founders and leaders, did not exist as invisible refugees. The State of Israel is Jewish and democratic goes the myth spouse for Christian Zionists and snowflakes liberals conversation; as a Palestinian activist explained, Israel is democratic for the Jews and Jewish for the Palestinians. Theodor Herzl (born May 2, 1860, Budapest, Hungary, Austrian Empire (now in Hungary) Founded Zionism, A movement to establish a Jewish homeland. He is the first to look at the Jews as a race and realized early on that the Jewish question was political, not religious; God is not in the real estate business. Zionist leaders started exploring places for the Jews all over places, in South America, Africa, and the American West, looking for vast lands
without people.

Finally, they settled in Palestine, which was under the British
Mandate where over 90% of Palestinians were Muslims, 5% Christians, and 5%
Jews. The Balfour Declaration paper called the majority in Palestine the
non-Jewish groups. Zionism is not the reaction of Zionism; it’s coming from its core racist ideology, like all white European racist settlement projects before it, which killed millions in Africa by the Belgians, the British, the French, the Italians, the Germans, and the Dutch, and slavery here in North America. Ignoring these
atrocities and the genocide by white Europeans in Africa made the Holocaust in
Europe possible; if the Europeans admitted their crimes in Africa, the
The Holocaust wouldn’t have taken place; Hitler learned from his
masters that he could get away with it; he called more than just the Jews. He was to eliminate millions of the nonpure Aryan race. However, all we talk about is the
Jewish victims who formed the collective memory of world Jewry. Polish sociologist and intellectual Zygmunt Bauman wrote that the Holocaust Industry complex made sure you won’t forget Jewish victimization; the Palestinian Nakba wouldn’t happen in 48. The Zionist
propaganda machine convinced themselves and their Western colonial imperial
supporters they were the only victims in human history; the West conveniently promoted
the Zionist narrative but didn’t see their atrocities and the extermination
of millions of blacks in Africa. Throughout the establishment of the Jewish
state, which resulted in the turning of almost a million Palestinians into a
refugee, and the recent savage, destructive attack on Palestinians in the last
five months, The Israelis can’t see Palestinians as victims; over 30,000 dead,
and more 100,000 missing or injured. Palestinians for them, not even humans
that need protection as ICJ demanded; they denied them medicine, electricity, food,
and water, starving them to death in Gaza. Israeli Lawmaker, Likud MK Nissim Vaturi, during a Keenest debate about Gaza, where he said that “whoever received a
bullet probably deserves it”. Israeli PM Netanyahu, with the help of
Biden, keeps rejecting a ceasefire before finishing the job, more blood, more
killing, and more destruction. Now, in Western democratic countries, if you ask
for a ceasefire, you may lose your job, get arrested, or be accused of helping
terrorists. We can talk about Jewish victims, As David Hearst of Middle
East Eye wrote, “Israel’s sense of victimhood and historical destiny blinds it to the
suffering it causes. In its eyes, there can only be one victim of history – a
Jewish one.” The Israelis can’t see Palestinians as human, as victims, as
people; they have been killing them, chasing them out of their lands and homes,
and destroying the foundation of their livelihood, hospitals, schools, water
systems, healthcare system, and utilities, illegally assassinating their
political and cultural leaders around the world, systemic extermination of
Palestinians are the Zionist state’s main goal. The Israeli victimization, even as
they are committing genocide in Gaza; they claim that a few thousand
Palestinian fighters are going to wipe out the Jewish state. More bombing than
the Allied did in Germany, and more ammunition in 4 months than what the
Americans used in Afghanistan in 7 years. Western media joined the Zionist
narrative, only seeing the Jewish victims. How about the October 7 attack, keep
asking, ignoring all the Israel attacks on the Palestinians in over 70 years? According
to Western media, Israelis are killed, the victims have families and are grieving
mothers; the Palestinians just died with no human dimensions. Where are the feminist
and #MeToo movement, they don’t see Palestinian women as victims, as even
women, they are strangely quiet, stuck in their Western feminist privilege
tunnel, a British journalist, Julia Hartly-Brewer, was interviewing a member of
the Palestinian legislative council Mustafa Barghouti, after the Israeli
assassination of a Palestinian leader, not used to insightful interchange, and
hearing a Palestinian narrative, kept interrupting the guest, talking over him,
then snapped, “… maybe you are not used to women talking, I don’t know I
want to finish a sentence”… at the end, she asked Mr. Barghouti what
should be Israel’s reaction to the October 7 attack: “to end the occupation and
allow peace to prevail for both people,” Barghouti fired back.
“Brilliant,” Hartley-Brewer said, “Sorry to have been a woman
speaking to you,” as she slapped her desk. Ms. Hartley-Brewer has no idea
about Palestinian women that Mr. Barghouti used to speak to him, women who
raise their families and children under bombing and occupation, and their
babies are dying in incubators in destroyed hospitals. Mr. Barghouti used to
speak to Palestinian women who lost their homes and land and buried their
children every day, keeping the Palestinian story alive!!

Ahmed Tharwat


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