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    Tweet    On Tuesday at 2:15p Eastern time, Ex-President Trump finally surrendered and walked into the Manhattan district court building surrounded by his lawyers and securities for his long-awaited arraignment. The proceedings were short and quick, catch and release case; no handcuff or a mugshot; it could have been easily done on Zoom saving American people millions of dollars and a big headache. Everyone wants an O. J. Simpson trial show with a helicopter hovering over Trump’s black S.U.V. for moment-by-moment live coverage. Some journalists worried about Trump inciting language asked Judge Juan Manuel Merchan, who presides over the case, if he would issue a gag order for Mr. Trump.…

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    TweetIn Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the tragedy wasn’t so much the killing of the father; it was the son’s bad decisions that resulted in the end killing of everyone involved: the son, the uncle, and the queen! Here at Hamline University, lots of bad decisions resulted in the tragedy. It started when Erika Lopez Prater, an adjunct professor at Hamline University, showed a 14-century image of the prophet Mohammed in her art class, resulting in a professor losing, as the Times puts it, “her teaching gig”; A student lost her safety. A Muslim community leader lost his focus, and the Hamlin university lost its credential. President Fayneese Miller’s blamed the media for…

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    TweetLast Sunday was the end of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, four weeks of a festive soccer global party that generated lots of attention and speculations. Excessive criticism of Qatar's human rights, migrants' workers, and gay rights. The Qatar world cup, however, was a great success, well organized, and well attended. No major troubles, fan riots, or heavy police or security present. As someone tweeted, this is the first world cup where no British fan was arrested. Finally, Qatar world cup gave Arabs the platform to tell their story and narrative for change. Arab commentators and announcers, with their poetic rhetoric, tell stories and cheerlead their teams. Arab analysts,…


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