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    Tweet “We had said goodbye to life, we didn’t think anyone knew we were there.” RIP   Americans have seen many bad Arabs and Muslims; the evening news has been fixated on the misbehaving ones. Time for Americans to meet my brother Abdelrafea, known as sheikh Obed, a name he earned for being the only brother out of seven who went to the (Kottab) religion school in the village, as a four-year-old. the adventure lasted one day. “The Imam held a big stick,” he explained. My brother had just passed away, I promised sheikh Obed, one day Ill tell your story to the American people.   I’m not sure they would…

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    TweetThis week for the first time ever Muslims celebrated the holy month of Ramadan in Times Square in New York “We’re here to explain our religion to all those that don’t know what Islam is all about,” the organizer, identified as SQ, told CBS news. “Islam is a religion of peace.”  He added; Now Muslims went mainstream, a  Ramadan Muslim parade in New York, a city that is associated with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Thousands of Muslims descended on the iconic New York square unapologetically celebrating their Ramadan tradition, prying the “Taraweeh” Ramdan evening prayer surrounded by the flashy gigantic Madison Avenue voluptuous ads. Here in Minneapolis, the call…

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    TweetThe Slap As Millions of Americans were consumed by the supreme court confirmation hearing circus, where the Republicans, as the Times puts it, “aggressively manhandled” judge Ketanji Brown Jackson trying to get the black woman off the supreme court front bus. Then Oscar’s Slap happened last Sunday, and this overshadowed everything, even the horrendous Russian invasion of Ukraine and the new “Hitler of Europe;” Putin was pushed aside.


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