Top 10 signs that muslims hven’t been assimilated, according to Trump


Trump thinks Muslims don’t ‘assimilate.’ here are the Top 10 signs that a Muslim hasn’t been assimilated yet, according to @realDonaldTrump
_10 Praying at mosque not home
_9. Breaking fast at sunset not sunrise
_8. Hasn’t gone to Las Vegas yet
_7. Eating Hummus more than 3 times a week
_6. Speaking Arabic on flights
_5. Double dipping at parties.
_4. Haven’t watched American Sniper movie yet.
_3. Not eating pork at least once.
_2. Having more than 4 children
and the # 1 sign that a Muslim hasn’t been assimilated. yet
_1 not reporting on any of  those Muslims above.
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My conversation with First Openly Gay Imam in US, The Orlando Mass Shooting

Puls Club

BelAhdan My conversation with First Gay Imam in US, The Orlando Mass Shooting

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BelAhdan, Ramadan Celebration in America, under the Tent




“This took place last Friday before the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, our condolences to the victimes and their families.”

Under the extreme heat and political climate,Muslim celebrated Ramadan this week, we went to Marina Grill north east to see How Muslim celebrate Ramadan under the Tent, we talked to a diverse group who were breaking their fast.

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Muhammad Ali’s Was My hero when there were no heroes.

Especially for a young boy in a remote village in Egypt, where the boxer’s battles had parallels.

Donald Trump, reacting last year to President Obama’s assertion that Muslims are among our sports heroes, slammed back: “What sport is he talking about, and who?”

I’m not interested in engaging in a sports contest, especially with a rich white man with bad hair. But my admiration of a black, Muslim sports hero started a long time ago.

Ali with Nasser aloneAs a youngster growing up in a small village in Egypt, I had only two heroes: Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and boxer Muhammad Ali. Nasser made his fame by championing the fight against Western imperialism and colonialism in the region, spreading Pan-Arab pride. Ali wasn’t just fighting in the ring, but, like Nasser, was fighting American imperialistic expansionism and its ugly war in Vietnam.

Continue reading Muhammad Ali’s Was My hero when there were no heroes.

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BelAhdan, My conversation with Poet Richard Brodrick, Jesus of Walmart


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