Yes, The Confederate Flag Represents Heritage … a Heritage of Racism!

Roof Flag
Mr Roof posing on his website

The Confederate Flag Represents a Heritage of Racism!
Last Wednesday around 9 p.m., Dylan Roof, a 21-year-old white supremacist, entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. According to police, during a weekly Bible study meeting, he opened fire killing nine people. Mr. Roof’s racism and hatred toward blacks was demonstrated in his website, which was discovered Saturday. The website appears to offer the first serious look at his deep and twisted mind. A mind of lots of Americans who still think Civil War is not over and still raging on. “I hate the sight of the American flag,” he wrote. “Modern American patriotism is an absolute joke.” He enlightened us in this way as he posted a picture of himself burning, stomping and spitting on the Stars and Stripes while grasping and waving the Confederate battle flag and holding a gun.
This heartbreaking tragedy opened up a serious debate in America over the Confederate flag, raising questions about the true meaning of this subversive symbol, which haunt us until today.
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Notes from America: Ramadan – a personal reflection

Notes from America: Ramadan – a personal reflection

By Ahmed Tharwat

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began last week. This fasting month is observed by millions of Muslims around the world, unless you are in China, where anti-fasting cops resort to force feeding observing Muslims in public. The number of hours that Muslims must fast will vary based on where they live. In a country in the northern hemisphere, like Denmark, there is a whopping 22 hours of fasting time. I fear there will be some very angry Muslims over there. However, in the southern hemisphere, Argentina has the shortest fasting day with only 10 hours. In my own state, Minnesota, there are 17 hours to endure and summer temperatures often reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 32 C). This would make even Representative Michelle Bachman (R/MN)—who is known for her anti-Muslim sentiment–feel for Muslims.
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