the main job of the western media is not to justify Israeli aggression.


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I started to believe that the main job of the western media is to justify Israeli aggression. Since the savage attack of the Israeli on the helpless Palestine population, mostly what we hear is justification for the Jewish state aggression. The headlines read with a qualification and explanation; that the attack is mainly a reaction to rockets coming from Gaza, or to destroy the tunnels. Media is over playing and showing the world the fear that is inflicted on the innocent citizens of Israel. The reporters on the ground in Israel desperately jostle looking for a tense moment a photo-op of human story. Mostly ignoring the massive human tragedy of the trapped Palestine civilians (1.8 million) under daily bombardments by the Israeli war machine. The latest ground troop invasion of the Jewish state is always followed with a justification with a logic, a western logic that has been working for years since the colonial era, blame the victim, demonize them, stripped them from their humanity to justify killing them and the destruction of their neighborhood. The news that is fit to print at the New York Times leads the pack with headlines like, “Israeli Military Invades Gaza, With Sights Set on Hamas Operations” … Israeli military… not the Jewish state of Israel, just the military, as if this killing field is between an Israeli military and Hamas Muslim extremist, with no Palestine population involved, or killing or dislocation of thousands Palestinians, about 50,000 so far. Times goes on to frame the conflict in the old tired argument that we have heard since the establishing of the Jewish state; self-defense. But dropping 7000lb bomb on Palestine population seems ok, no self defense for the Palestinians.

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Here is the Times again…” .. Israeli tanks rolled into the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday night and naval gunboats pounded targets in the south …” then went to explain “ after 10 days of aerial bombardment failed to stop Palestinian militants from showering Israeli cities with rockets failed to stop Palestinian militants”. Notice the distinction, between Israeli troops, Palestine militants, as if the Palestinians at one point were giving the chance to have a state of their own, with troops, navy , armies and chose to have militants and extremists instead. The Israeli occupy lands, kill and assassinate Palestinian leaders, destroyed their neighborhoods, infrastructures and governments buildings, then they label any resistance left of being terrorists extremists. BBC reporters goes on and justify the Israeli attack by explaining the fear under which Israeli citizens live… , but casualties in Palestine’s are just numbers devoid of any human stories, no families grievances, no destroying of human dreams. According to Palestinian health minister, , according to Gaza health official, The death toll of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reached 512 on Monday, and 3,150 Palestinians had been wounded; mostly women and children. These killing and chilling of civilians are always explained and reported as a response and a reaction to Palestine Militant attacks. A Media coverage that is mostly devoid of relevant context or history; no refugee, no siege, no war crimes has been committed all these years by the Jewish state. You wont find a serious report on the racist and outrageous explanations of Israeli officials; from characterization of Palestine as animal… Netanyahu called the killers of the three Israelis “human animals.” This will justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people, looked at them as faceless Palestinian enemy. CNN reporter Diana Magnay, deleted her tweet about Israelis citizens cheering for the booming of the Palestinians. Israeli official are condoning and even encouragement of anti-Arab racism, and implicating the Palestinian people as a whole.


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The Israeli notion that Arabs understand only violence has been perpetuated again. Which is a historical racist fallacy, Lawrence Davidson in his blog, explains why the Israeli are repetitively violent. He stats one of the many rationalizations offered by the Israelis for their violent behavior “ the assertion that the Arabs, and Palestinians in particular, “only understand force.” So you must use force, it is imperative to use it use force against them, and if you don’t ”… they interpret its absence as a sign of weakness and this only encourages them to stand against the Zionist state” Mr. Davidson explains. The host of PBS Weekend Edition Saturday, Scot Simon, asking Hamas spokesman, I’m here paraphrasing his question or assertion, Knowing that the Israeli will retaliate in such way, why launch rockets” the host assumes that Hamas started this war, and shown the inevitability of the western mind that justifying using forces without any limits when it comes to Israel.

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The western narrative When Jew misbehave, as killers, crocks, financier greedy, criminals, spies they are identify either as Israelis, Americans, or Russian citizens, but when some Palestinian, Pakistani, Egyptians, Iraqis, Afghanis citizens misbehave they are identify as Muslims extremist; condemning the whole religion or culture. I never understood this media narrative, Western media like to use strange and foreign names to Arab Muslims who challenges western global interests, Arabic names like Taliban, Qaeda, Hamas, Madrassa, Hezb Allah, which for its audience a scary foreign uncivilized connotation. Jewish settlers however who really look scary at time to me, carry machines guns and kill innocent Palestinians and live by the literal of their religion, are just Israeli settlers, never extremist, never Taliban(pupils/students) never going to Madrassa (school) never Jihadists just are misbehaving Israeli citizens. The misbehaving Arab citizens or even those who are fighting for their own sovereignty and independency, they are Islamic extremist, jihadists and terrorists and deserve the Israeli onslaught.

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Brazil14 Ann Coulter the conservative firebrand Fox pundit declared jihad against soccer in America, although that millions of Americans tuned in to watch their team impressive run in world cup in Brazil, she managed to find a historical cultural explanation for that . “No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer.” She declared, Which is not entirely true, almost 25 millions Americans watched their team playing Germany, this is more than any other sporting event in America short of the Super Bowl, More Americans went to Brazil to watch the game than any other nationality other than the host nation. In soccer players use their hands, she went to explain, and using hands is what differentiate between human and beasts she added. The biggest debate now is which sport that represents our country and the American way, and why lots of people and Im one of them still believe that soccer is an align game, and will be always the future sport in America. lots of sports fans raise the question of which America we will have when it comes to sports. And to really understand American politics and the contrast positions between the simple conservative (myopic unilateral and go it alone) and the complicated contradictory one of liberal (shifting multilateral internationalist), you need to look elsewhere; you need to look at the contrast of the American football and world football (soccer) game. President Bush’s position represents the game of American football; that is always about exceptionalism, being different and being special, and the one that sets us apart form the rest of the world. President Bush for example is not moved and was utterly surprised when the rest of the world didn’t agree with him. With his sense of entitlement he believes that the rest of the world should follow his lead; he is the world quarterback, and once he calls the play you had better run his direction or you are out of the play (contracts). For him, winning is all about physical elimination of the enemy (opponents) and acquiring their territories on the field all the way to the end zone (Kabul, Baghdad). Obama position on the other hand represents the game of world football (soccer), it is inclusive, eloquent complex and multi-nationals, in world football (soccer) it is not so much about occupation of territories; world football (soccer) is about shifting position, maneuvering and running a series of attacks and retreats, wining without physical elimination. American football is about staying the course, in your face overly specialized; when you are on the offense there is no retreat. Soccer however is about retreat from defense to offense with such fluidity, in soccer you need to understand not just your skills and capabilities but at the same time avoids the opponent’s strengths. Self centered Americans, always, inviting people from all over world to the American way; in the other hand world football (soccer) invites people from all over the world to be a world football (soccer) fan, a citizen of the world; so to get us out of the quagmire of Iraq we need to a president who plays world football (soccer) not American football ; and speaking a foreign language won’t heart either. Ahmed Tharwat Producer/Host of the Arab American TV Show Belahdan

Living under siege, a personal story from Gaza ..

Gaza under siege, a personal story of Ghadir Abu Rokba, a young Palestinian who is living under siege,Gaza under siege, a personal story of Ghadir Abu Rokba, a young Palestinian who is living under siege, daily bombing and warning of leaving the house… :we arent afraid of death anymore… we see it everyday’ Ms Abu Rokba said… as GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – reported, Thousands fled their homes in a Gaza Strip town on Sunday after Israel warned them to leave before it attacked rocket-launching sites, on the sixth day of an offensive that Palestinian officials said has killed at least 160 people.


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