… the Locker Room Debate!!


Muslims Should Report hatreds, … the Locker Room Debate!!

The Locker Room Debate
As millions of Americans who geared up to watch the second debate/match between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, all eager to see how Donald Trump would perform after his lewd conversation about women tape was leaked.
In this tape, according to Trump, kissing and groping women’s private parts is a normal celebrity privilege, and just Locker Room talk. Once Trump had his press conference freak show appearing with four of ex-President Bill Clinton’s female accusers, I knew it was going to be a long night of mud fights and the possibility of adult language being used, so kids weren’t allowed in the room.

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A Somali woman, telling her own story of farming in America !!


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SYRIAN REFUGEES, Between political rhetoric and reality, My conversation with members of CISPOS !

Rihab Abu Sara and Andy Berman talk about the plight of Syrian refugees 

Syrian Refugees Between Reality and Ideology, My conversation with members of CISPOS

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