This is about me living in the Middle … looking at the absurdity between east and west, and after 30 years I came to the conclusion, and to believing that “Nobody has a monopoly on stupidity”




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  • Ahmed Naeem Iqbal

    How one can know the teachings of Ahmedi’s ? I am in Lahore Pakistan, interested to know what is the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed sb?
    Please guide.

  • Charles Krumrie

    Dear Mr. Tharwat,

    I perfectly enjoyed your recent commentary in the StarTribune (8/23) regarding the Super Eid. As a United Methodist minister’s son, I can identify with crowds of congregants trying to be brought to heel by the minister or imam. There is no controlling people even if they are there to worship.

    “Nothing disperses a Muslim crowd like an Eid sermon.” I used to play organ for various Sunday services and my teacher always taught me to select a postlude with a snappy time signature. “Get out of the church now because the roast is burning” sort of music.

    Yes, we’re here to worship The God but are we done yet? My father’s sermons, only 20 minutes in length, seemed interminable to me. Thus I take to heart the example of the father attempting to explain to his children the importance of the Eid, only to have the kids turn toward their cell phones.

    Are we done yet?

    But farther afield, something good has happened here. Thousands of Muslims descended upon the palace made unto football to celebrate an Islamic holy day. Good and welcome. You wouldn’t get that sort of response from the Catholics unless the Pope arrived. And the last time I saw that many Protestants packed into one place was a Billy Graham crusade.

    Finally, to you, Sir. You are a thorn in the side of comfortable white culture. May you always remain such.

    When next will you say something with which I disagree? I look forward to it!

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