French president Macron complained about why western leaders and media mostly ignored his latest fight with Islamic terrorism. Macron’s hateful Islamophobic comments declaring that Islam is in crisis and problematic and needs to be contained. Macron needs help from other western leaders in his crusade against Islam and Muslims. One leader got the message and wasted no time, visiting the troubled French leader, Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Paris on Monday, and got rewarded with billions of dollars Arms deal. “France will not condition weapons sales to Egypt on human rights concerns, French President Emmanuel Macron said after meeting with his Egyptian dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Paris on Monday.” Macron explained, standing next to the dictator.

Macron ignored the Egyptian dictator’s human rights violations, imprisonment of political oppositions, almost 100,000, including my 17-year-old nephew. Stifling freedom of expression, and using summary executions, to eliminate oppositions, 49 in 10 days. Thousands of people under “Terrorist court” were sent to their death, the highest in the world. el-Sisi himself thinks due process stand in the way. “Laws tie the hand of justice.. We cannot wait for that.”. el-Sisi remarked: which the Human Rights Watch calls on the Egyptian authorities to immediately halt executions and re-try those sentenced to death in grossly unfair trials. Other western leaders protested el-Sisi dictatorial rule and action, lately the arrests last month of a leader and two staff members of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, a human rights group that had hosted senior European diplomats for a briefing just days earlier.

The condemnation of el-Sisi’s latest crackdown including the European Union, the office of the United Nations secretary-general, Germany, Canada — and Antony Blinken, Mr. Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, shared his concern over el-Sisi authoritarian action.  “Meeting with foreign diplomats is not a crime. Nor is peacefully advocating for human rights.” Noted. On the other hand, Macron welcomes the Egyptian dictator with open Arms (billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment). Macron, who was lecturing Muslims about France’s core values. Liberty, equality, and fraternity are now welcoming a dictator who thinks freedom of expression is a crime, a man who believes politics is a crime; democracy and rules of law stand in the way of his dictatorial policy. Macron is now giving el-Sisi a cover and excuse to tie his brutal policy at home on fighting terrorism. Macron and ElSisi agree on their hateful message that Islam and Muslims are in crisis, that under the “counterterrorism” mantra it is ok to arrest peaceful protests, human rights activists, looking the other way when it comes to torture, forced disappearance, summary execution and rule with impunity. Macron and elSisi both believe that Islam and Muslims are the cause of all vices around the world. elSisi’s message to Macron is he is the one to stand for Islamic extremists and protect Europa from the flux of illegal immigrants. Since el-Sisi came to power on a tank, he has been tireless in spewing a propaganda machine painting any oppositions of being a Muslim extremist belonging to the terrorist organization, Muslims brotherhood. Which incidentally, general el-Sisi was their minister of defense during Muslim Brotherhood one year in power under the leadership of the only civilian elected president in Egyptian modern history, Mohammed Morsi. After the military coup and military takeover, the el-Sisi’s propaganda machine began spreading lies, rummers, doubts, espousing conspiracy. The Islamists, extremists, are coming; they will bring Egypt back to the dark ages where your family isn’t safe! President-elect Joe Biden, himself, pledgee no more coddling of dictators Special Mr. Trump’s favorite dictator, general el-Sisi who got a green light from Trump to do what he please. Mr. Biden needs to go behind this business as usually froing policy. Biden needs to go behind rhetoric and gestures; he needs to stand for democracy and freedom around the world or at least not supporting Arab dictators whose extreme undemocratic policies bring extremism from the first place.

“The United States has been far too lenient with Egypt’s brutal dictator.” Reported the New York Times, as long they have peace with Israel, they get our blessing and money. Mr. Biden, millions of Arab/Muslims here in America voted for you, probably played a significant role in your contested victory. Mr. Biden, it is not enough to be able to say “Salamo Alikom” in Arabic; we need concrete policies, people in Egypt, and the rest of the Arab world needs real change.  America and the west need to stop coddling dictators, stop giving them free passes. When a journalist asked President Franklin Roosevelt why you are supporting the dictator of Nicaragua, Anastasio Somoza: “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”!


Ahmed Tharwat,

Dec. 8th, 2020




Ahmed Tharwat …. in the middle Ahmed Tharwat Im a host and producer of the Arab-Muslim Americans TV show BelAhdan with Ahmed (with open arms), a weekly TV show that airs on public TV Mondays at 1030PM. As a regular speaker and contributor on Public Radio show All Thing Considered, I have shared my unique view of world and American political and social events. As a regular contributor to StarTribune, the Pioneer Press, and Twin City Planet , also he has written to national and international magazines, such Slate, Diversify Inc and Al Jazeera English. I won the Pioneer Press community columnist award in 2000. In all my work, I have been Trying to bring Arab/Muslims to mainstream Americans.. . I believe that when it comes to politics “Nobody has a monopoly on stupidity” Thanks In The Middle ... Ahmed Tharwat/ Host BelAhdan TV show Freelance Writer, Public Speaker, International Media Fixer


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