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Stuck in The Tunnel!

The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.”

Antonio Gramsci

After almost four months of a destructive, savage attack on Palestinians in Gaza by the Israeli Army, over 30,000 Palestinians were killed, mostly women and children; the city of 2.5 Million inhabitants became Uninhabitable, 80% of Gaza was destroyed, Hospitals, Schools, Water Systems, Roads, electricity, and cemeteries, the Zionist Taliban spared no one, women, Children and the suckling not even the dead were spared. Israel dropped 2-3 times more bombs than what the Allied forces dropped on Germany in WWII. The Israeli Army defeated four Arab Armies in six days in the 1967 war. Israeli Army, assaults with the most sophisticated modern weapons and technology money can buy (our tax dollars) are still stuck in Gaza. ; they didn’t free the hostages; the ones they got back were through peaceful hostage exchanges with the Palestinians.

The Israeli forces killed more Hostages than Palestinian militants did. Netanyahu and his elks are now stuck in the racist Zionist ideology rationalism tunnel. All they can offer is a rhetoric of destroying Hamas and saving Humanity from evil, children of light, children of darkness; we are fighting to save Western civilization. There is nothing more to destroy or kill except State terrorism and assassins in houses and hospitals.  According to Israeli military officials, 80% of Hamas Militants are still in Contact. Palestinians in Gaza may have lost the military war, but they won the Cultural war. Palestinians are fighting to preserve their land, dignity, culture, and history in tunnels underground but are free. Israelis are relying on the most air forces, warships, tanks, Airplanes, rockets, Iron dome, communications, and submarines supplied By Americans mainly and the British. The Palestinian resistance relied on old technology, old weapons, rocks in the two intifadas, tunnels, flying bikes, and balloons in Gaza, where David defeated the mighty Goliath. The brilliance of Palestinian resistance throughout the war with Israel, as The French intellectual Jean Baudrillard explained, is that they “Never attack the system in terms of relationship or force. That is the imagination the system itself forces upon you. Shift the struggle into the symbolic sphere, where the rule is that of challenge, reservation, and outbidding:” The Palestinians brought the Israelis Armies into their own game, with their own rules, made the Israeli military superiority irrelevant, you can’t bring tanks inside tunnels, you can’t bombs enemies you can’t see, you can’t shoot a child with a rock or slingshot, Palestinian children learn to run and hide in narrow allies and vanish. As the Jewish-Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman says in his brilliant book Modernity and the Holocaust, modernity made the Holocaust a possibility, using technology, efficiency, organization technocrats, and rationalism to kill millions of people. If you want to wipe out a race, you have to kill all children. You have to get rid of all Palestinians to have a Jewish state. The Zionist project, from the beginning, existed as a watchdog for modern Western colonial imperialism; Israel was established outside of the international community and international law and is now on trial before the IJC for committing Genocide in Gaza. Israeli Army is stuck in Gaza in its modern technological superiority rationalism tunnel. Palestinian fighters from their tunnels with their traditional beliefs ended this myth. Israeli State, for Western liberals and lefties around are exposed, as Caitlin Johnstone explained in a Newsletter: “Everything that mainstream liberals claim to oppose is on full display in Israel’s actions in Gaza. Racism. Fascism. Tyranny. Injustice. Genocide. Yet they must necessarily avoid throwing themselves into opposing these things there at all cost because it would mean acknowledging that their own political allegiances are inseparably interwoven with them.” Israel is democratic and Jewish, they tell us, but as a Palestinian activist says, democratic for the Jews and Jewish for the Palestinians. Here, French intellectual Jean Baudrillard again explained the danger of the dominant modern state rationalism. “The fear is not terrorism, but the state of ending terrorism”! When Israel has total domination, no one will challenge it; Israel’s existence will fall on its power weight, self-destruct, and commit national suicide, and this is what we see in Gaza right now. As a Palestinian leader explained the long Palestinians’ resilience against the well-equipped, powerful Israeli military forces in the Area, “Before we built weapons, we built men.” He explained. If the Palestinians are stuck inside tunnels underground, Israelis are stuck in their intoxication of power tunnels.

Ahmed Tharwat

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