Let’s Talk about Race!

When Mr. Schultz founder of Starbucks asked America to have a conversation about race nobody was interested in, the rich white billionaire explained why his “Race Together “camping failed. “”I’m not black, I haven’t lived a life in which I was racially profiled, and I wasn’t discriminated against because of the color of my skin,”. Americans have a hard time talking about race and racism; they don’t even want to teach it in schools. However, when a rich black woman expressed her view on a TV show called “The Views,” everybody raced to talk about it. Whoopi Goldberg’s comments triggered an avalanche of debate discussions filling the talking heads spheres! “Holocaust wasn’t about race but merely a matter of man’s inhumanity to man, involving white killing white people,” she explained. Ms. Goldberg found herself out of The View” because of her view, with ABC network knee-jerking reaction, reactions from racist Nazi supporters asking for her nick, Florida’s Governor one of Trump, MAGA fanatic, who refused to condemn Nazis in his state jumping on Goldberg’s condemnation wagon. Islam haters and deniers, who look at Muslims as an inferior and violent race, came to the rescue of the Jewish race.

In her groundbreaking book, “The Racialized Muslim  Law profess Sahar Aziz explained that politicians and lawmakers racialized Muslims. Aziz sees a situation in which Muslims are assigned a set of negative traits, such as the false notions that Muslims are inherently untrustworthy, uncivilized, and violent inferior People. Still support the Zionist racist apartheid state in Palestine that was mostly based on the belief of the chosen race. Suddenly, everyone u​p ​to armies lecturing a black woman who may not be a holocaust expert, but she is a descender of a race that was enslaved based on her skin color and not religion.   Tim Wise  a Jew himself explained, “when the Reich’s racial creating the hygiene laws they concluded that American race laws were too draconian. The idea of “one drop” even one-eight of “Black blood” disqualifying a person from whiteness and making a person Black seemed too restrictive: “. Hitler believed that Jews were an inferior race. His propaganda machine demonized European Jew with specific physical, social, and moral characteristics, so are other groups, like Gypseous, Slavic, Blacks, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and others. Hitler killed more than 20 million undesired considered socially inferior race. Hitler, however, wasn’t interested in Jews outside of Europe. Before Hitler, Europe had what they called it,  a Jew problem; the idea of transferring the Jews out of Europe to Argentine or Africa was discussed even by some Jewish leaders. A historian explained that the Imperialist Balfour of England had colonists to transfer the Jews, the nationalist Hitler of Germany didn’t have that luxury, the​ ​Nazi final solution was tragic and genocidal. England transferred the Jewish problem to the Middle East Hiller sent them to the concentration camps, Auschwitz

The Jewish Holy Land in Palestine as a promised land for all Jews fed to world anti-Semitism and the resentment to Jews; if this is your promised Land, what are you doing here was the thinking? Hitler​ ​never trusted the Jews’ loyalty to Germany; the Germans were the superior Aryan race, the chosen people. God must have chosen​ ​only one people. Jews disagreed on what to do with the Jewish problem in Europe; Zionist leaders Theodor Herzl fought other Jewish leaders calling for assimilation in Europe. Some Zionist leaders worked secretly with the fascist Nazi government to increase the influx of German Jews to Palestine. The Holocaust wasn’t the first mass killing in the world; atrocities were committed in America, where we have a genocide denier of the​ ​natives, slavery, and Jim Crow. Blacks were considered properties and not human.​ ​Belgium King Leopold II was given a piece of Land in Africa he called Free Congo; he never set afoot there. Still, according to BBC report, the Killings, famine, and disease combined caused the deaths of perhaps 10 million people. With the rise of industrial capitalist ideology in Europe, the newly rich industrialist’s boeurgies class were looking for ways to explore new resources and territories, demonizing other groups, races, cultures, and ethnic groups to justify exploiting them. The racialized capitalist expansion killed natives or transferred them as enslaved people. Millions perished in the Genocide of the Natives where the Holocaust was cold and slow. Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman argued in his book Modernity and The Holocaust. Hitler wouldn’t even imagine the Holocaust without the wrath of modernity. “That sophisticated and intelligent preparation and execution were required for the Holocaust to function.” Media and American popular culture painted Nazi Germany and Hitler’s regime as brutal and Adolf Hitler nothing more than beasts. “Bauman argues that it takes more than beasts to perform a genocide on this grand scale.”.  Ms. Goldberg was wrong, but how wrong was she.?. It’s complicated!

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