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    Tweet   I. The Birthplace I was born in a small village on the bank of a small river in northern Egypt. A revered Imam was visiting the village for the annual prophet birthday festival; his name was Shick Tharwat, and that how I got my name Tharwat. They told me. My village, “Meet Swaid ” had one street, one river, one bridge, one grocery shop, one mosque, one school, one style of houses, a mud, and a windless connected covered by dry straws like an old stalled cargo train. People’s lifestyles had changed little since the time of the pharaohs, and local demographers couldn’t find any dramatic census changes…

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    Tweet Notes from America  With all the turmoil around the world and poisonous relationships between the two biggest monolithic religion, it is a welcoming news. Muslims and Christians celebrate their holidays together.  Christmas is celebrated during Muslims holy month of Ramadan. As a Muslim American who has been married to an American woman for 20 years, I wanted to celebrate Ramadan and Christmas at the same time.  Wow, I thought to myself, what an occasion: our two religious celebrations combined into one magic evening in my house, an evening of transformation that would symbolize our great, diverse life in America. A Ramadan-Christmas dinner would bring a real meaning to our two…

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    … Christmas Greeting From Tahrir

    Tweet …from Tahrir with Love This year I have gotten more Christmas and New Year greetings from Egypt than I have ever gotten from all my friends here in the US. Americans don’t even send Christmas greeting anymore, they send Holiday greeting, as Fox News pundits claim that there is a war on Christmas in the US, not Egyptian Liberals, they are celebrating Christmas as if it is a national holiday. Egyptians elected for the first time in their long history a civilian president, which brought to power a Muslim brotherhood candidate, Mr. Mohammed Morsi. A few months in power the Egyptian liberals whom their candidate lost in the first…


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