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“I hope your Boxing Day was fun and festive, and you enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with leftovers. However, our Boxing Day here was over 80 days and still not over yet. On Boxing Day here, we bury our loved ones’ inboxes; there is no gift exchange, and the only leftovers we have are the destruction and city ruins.”


Dear World, I hope you had a blessed Christmas celebrating Jesus’s birth in your safe homes and churches. I hope your children got all their lovely gifts from Santa, and I hope parents stick to the 7-gift rule. I hope your Boxing Day is fun and festive and you enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with leftovers.Your Boxing Day is only one day; however, our Boxing Day here was almost 90 days and not over yet. On Boxing Day here, we bury our loved ones’ inboxes; there is no gift exchange, and the only leftovers we have are the destruction and city ruins. Standing in the destroyed city, wondering If Jesus were born today, he would have been born under the rubble of Gaza; he would not have been able to escape to Egypt where Egyptians sealed out the border helping the apartheid state of Israel commit genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza, killing, destroying, and bombing everything in the city: our churches, mosques, schools, and cultural centers; water towers, school playgrounds, in our zoo, animals were not spared, killed, or die from hunger. The New Zionist forces are trying to wipe out our past, present, and future, and our livelihood; no roads, ports, trees, or water were destroyed, and all birds migrated to the sea. For 80 days, over 20,000 people have been killed, mostly children and women. Millions of Palestinians have nowhere to go: no roads, no sky, no water, electricity, food, or air; in Gaza, nowhere is safe. The force of evil using the most sophisticated lethal weaponry to destroy Gaza turned it into an uninhibited place. As the World stood still and watched Hitler slaughter millions of Jews in Europe, now the World is not just watching the mascara and genocide; they are supporting it, endorsing and participating in the rape of Palestine people. The Jewish Taliban have done more destruction and bombing in human history, and they beheaded a whole nation.

The World has declared war on us, Americans have provided Israel with 230 planes and 30 carriers of destructive weapons, 10,000 tons of ammunition, bombs, 155mm artillery shells, thousands of bunker-buster munitions, and 200 kamikaze drones; some reported special forces and experts from the UK, Americans are fighting alongside the Israelites in Gaza. Not just the Western World is supporting and fighting with Israelis. Arabs and Muslims helplessly stand still, watching the slaughtering of the Palestinians on TV screens and social media. Arab Zionist leaders, short of some empty rhetoric for domestic consumption, were behind the scenes, encouraging the Israelis to finish the monstrous job. Dear World, please spare us your best wishes, prayers, and apologies; we will fight this alone, with our resolve and determination. We will not bend under the pressure of bombs and tanks or false peace negotiations. Israel stools most of our lands through peace negotiations. We have been fighting the occupation and land theft of the Apartheid state for over 70 years. Dear President Joe, you have been supporting and repeating the Zionist narrative and lies since the war started. From Hamas beheading babies and rapping hostages, all lies and deceit, with no credible evidence till now, Mr. President, as you are trying to scare us of Trump’s racist and dangerous cultural war, you have accepted the racist apartheid narrative of Netanyahu and his right-wing administration, justifying the mass killing of the Palestinians. Dear Christian Zionists, We will not be victims of your biblical false reading that prevented you from seeing Palestinians as human. We will never forget or forgive; we know we are fighting for all oppressed around the World; we know we are the last resistance movement fighting colonialism, imperialism, and Zionism; we know we have to survive; we know the history is on our side, Zionism is an

Apartheid ideology will be defeated like in South Africa and elsewhere. We want a state where people from all walks of life, Muslims, Christians, and Jews, living together in real peace as they had been for hundreds of years. Ask yourself, what will Jesus say from under the rubble? He would have said hands off my birthplace.


Ahmed Tharwat




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