This week for the first time ever Muslims celebrated the holy month of Ramadan in Times Square in New York “We’re here to explain our religion to all those that don’t know what Islam is all about,” the organizer, identified as SQ, told CBS news. “Islam is a religion of peace.”  He added; Now Muslims went mainstream, a  Ramadan Muslim parade in New York, a city that is associated with the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Thousands of Muslims descended on the iconic New York square unapologetically celebrating their Ramadan tradition, prying the “Taraweeh” Ramdan evening prayer surrounded by the flashy gigantic Madison Avenue voluptuous ads. Here in Minneapolis, the call for prayer (Azan) is allowed for the first time in mosques during Ramadan, bringing the community together to pray freely. Since the 9/11 tragedy, Muslims have been in self cultural exile.

Living in America as a Muslim has been a tough ride and a constant struggle, every day stumbling over the bumps of Islamophobia, racism, and MAGA version of domestic terrorism.   Ramadan for Muslims is the right time to share their traditions with the Americas and help out in times of crisis.  These traditions could help solve some of the lingering social problems facing America. Muslims need to come out of self-Quarantine  and become mainstream, here are some Ramadan Traditions that can save America:

Day Fasting: Imaging Americans not eating or drinking during the day ends the worst idea came in our eating habit since sliced bread, “All You Can Eat” buffets, most Americans are overweight which cause diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes, the average Muslim loses 15 pounds during Ramadan, no health club or weight watchers expensive programs.

Avoiding Public Gaze:

Lots of social problems come from the objectification of women’s bodies in mass media and public displays, billions of dollars spent to define the perfect body, the ideal is not real, where woman’s body is displayed in public places as a sex object. America saw a huge increase in cosmetic surgeries and sexual assaults; avoiding the public gaze and curtailing the sex industry will help calm Americans down and decrease our sexual frustrations.

Stop Backbiting:

During Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to abstain from gossiping, spreading rummers and misinformation that is filling our news and our social media conversation fraught with baseless claims and social illnesses.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcoholism ranks as one of the most addictive substances in America. Affected almost 20 million people, almost 3M loses their lives a year; abstaining from alcohol for a month may slow this pandemic and create a healthy drinking immunity herd in our social life and wild parties.

No Sex…

Well, I’m not optimistic about this one, so will let it be optional…

Avoid Holding Grudges:

This social illness causes significant psychological damage and unwarranted breakups, time to forgive and forget, time to start a new page in your relationships.

 No Wars:

First, according to Islamic tradition, Muslims are called on to put their sords down during Ramadan unless they are attacked or invaded (Afghanistan). Taking a breather from war, give the two parties time to reflect and reassess their conflict and disagreement.

Cleansing Body and Soul:

This Islamic tradition could help in the time of the pandemic. First cleansing, the CDC guideline for protecting the virus, making Muslim Wudu/ washing hands and faces cool again! Muslims do it five times a day. Wudu, is an Islamic cleansing practice, a type of ritual purification or ablution that involves washing the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head, and feet with water.

Giving Charity to the Poor

In fasting Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to feel the pain of hunger, give charity generously to the poor, and have sympathy for those in need.

Avoid Meaningless, Unproductive Activities!

This very much can cut down on %90 Tic Tok videos and Facebook postings; no government or FCC regulation is needed

Avoid lewd language and hurtful conversations!

This Ramadan tradition may put % 90 of our talk shows out of business, keep hate speech down, and tune down the Republican’s political rhetoric. Ramadan Kareem Everyone!

Ahmed Tharwat, host, and producer of the local Arab American TV show “BelAhdan with Ahmed,” writes for local and international publications. He blogs at Notes From America: Follow him on Twitter: @ahmediaTV


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