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    TweetOn Monday, more than a billion and a half Muslims worldwide started their fasting month of Ramadan, a month when Muslims unapologetically celebrate their traditions and religion.Through the years, Muslims in America have celebrated their holy month with family and friends, in community gatherings under tents, in restaurants and in mosques. Since the 9/11 tragedy, they’ve been in self-cultural exile. Living in America as a Muslim has been a challenging ride and a constant struggle, every day stumbling over the bumps of the Islamophobia landscape, racism and the MAGA version of domestic terrorism. Even so, Muslims have celebrated the holy month of Ramadan in Times Square in New York, the…

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    TweetThe Jewish Victimization Complex The Zionist project was built on a genocidal ideology, a The homeland for the Jews, the native majority of the Palestinians, according to the Zionist founders and leaders, did not exist as invisible refugees. The State of Israel is Jewish and democratic goes the myth spouse for Christian Zionists and snowflakes liberals conversation; as a Palestinian activist explained, Israel is democratic for the Jews and Jewish for the Palestinians. Theodor Herzl (born May 2, 1860, Budapest, Hungary, Austrian Empire (now in Hungary) Founded Zionism, A movement to establish a Jewish homeland. He is the first to look at the Jews as a race and realized early…

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    TweetThe Jewish-Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman says in his brilliant book Modernity and the Holocaust that through history, most of the atrocities have been committed by people who follow orders and law, so what we need now to stop the Israeli genocide in Gaza for some Israeli soldiers to stop following orders, stop playing football and starts playing the beautiful game of Soccer! How Football Explains the War Between Israel and Palestinians Since the Israeli attack on Gaza where, in the last four months, a massive, indiscriminate bombing has killed over 30,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children. Destruction of a city of almost 3 million people. Lots of pundits, political analysts,…


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