Now the presidential election debate is over, the circus has folded its tents, the clowns are back to their miserable lives, Trump is back at court defending and trying to stay out of jail, and Biden is back to his political coma trying to stay alive. I didn’t watch the debate closely, for mental health reasons, but I learned that none of them talked about the Israeli Genocide in Gaza and the almost 50,000 killed Palestinians. Trump used Palestinian as a slur, in the debate the convicted felon Ex president said that the President has “become like a Palestinian, but they don’t like him because he’s a very bad Palestinian;” Biden or the host of the debate didn’t contest or reject the degrading of a group of people by Trump.

Where the Palestinians for almost 80 years trying to change this racist fascist narrative. Where Palestinian stands for enlightening adjective, a symbol of resistance, stands for an idea that exposes and defeats an established ideology and way of thinking, it reveals what is wrong with our modern life and so-called progressive. The Palestinians fighting world hegemony, like the Olive in Thomas Friedman’s book The Lexus and the Olive Tree –where the big idea man explained that the real war is between the progressive modern globalization system (Luxes) and ancient forces of culture, geography, tradition, and community (Olive Tree)” Friedman agrees with the Japanese American political scientist, political economist, international relations scholar (take your pick) Francis Fukuyama in his book The End of History and the Last Man; the west liberal democracy has won, the Soviet Union collapsed they are facing no real challenges, end of history, end of human mystery end of human evolution. Those who are stuck trying to grow olive trees have lost; they should jump on a Lexus and keep up with the winners. This is how the big idea man once explained the Arab Spring 2011 revolt; Arabs from poor countries, Egypt, Tunis, and Syria, …saw what was happening in Dubai, Malls, Burjs, McDonalds, KFC, and luxury cars and wanted a piece of it. I have been in Tahrir Square many times during the revolution but never heard of Dubai, or KFC the only chants I heard were, Bread Freedom and Social Justice., people wanted justice and dignity, wanted an olive tree, not Lexus. For over nine months now, the Palestinians have been confronting the Israelis and the West with their Lexus, with their olive trees and tunnels. The Palestinians are fighting the onslaught, ethnic cleansing forced starvation siege, and according to the ICJ, a possible Israeli Genocide; fully supported by the Western destructive industrial machine, weaponry, technological, financial, and political, without air defense navy, armies, tanks, or marines, . The Israelis with Western colonial imperial forces lost on so many levels, military, political, and moral. The Palestinians alone are fighting the arrogance of Lexes, power, technological supremacy, modernity, and racist ideology, against the traditional world of Palestinian olive trees. The Palestinian with the spirit of the Olive Tree’s resistance defeating Zionist Western racist hegemony, trapped in its rational cage, thought that with all these weapons and technological superiority, they should have wiped out Palestinians in a week.. Now, after nine months of bombing, 50,000 bombs since October 7. The Palestinian resistance in Gaza still holding, and according to Israeli military experts, 70% of its fighting capability is still intact. The genius of the Palestinian resistance is turning technological superiority irrelevant, Luxes lost its charms, they dug tunnels underground where the most modern sophisticated weaponry can’t operate, only your well and beliefs. The Palestinian flag now is flying all over the world, and the racist Western colonial project in the Middle East is challenged. The Palestinians expose those fighting under the end-of-history pretense, with lies, deceit, false promises, and racial national superiority. The Palestinians are fighting the ideology of the jungle, survival of the fittest, those who still believe in Nietzsche, and the well of material. The Palestinians with Olive Trees and traditions, are fighting modern technological dictatorship, algorithms, data analysis, guided missiles, and Artificial Intelligence. As a Palestinian leader explained Palestine’s long-enduring resistance, “Before we built weapons, we built men.”, we built a Palestinian!!
Ahmed Tharwat/ Public Speaker
Producer/Host of the Arab American TV Show BelAhdan
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