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BelAhdan Impact
For more than 20years now, a group of forward-looking, truth-seeking Americans and Arab/Muslim Americans have been working together to produce the Arab-American TV program, Belahdan, which airs on the Twin public TV, Belahdan is the only TV program in the Midwestern states that offers an insightful and personal perspective on Americans of Middle-Eastern origin. It is also a show that encourages cross-cultural dialog produced by “hyphenated” Americans who want to make a difference. , we also bring prominent guest every week; Here is a few of our special guests who appeared on the show:
Producer Ali Selim, congressman Keith Ellison, first lady Jihan Sadat, Governor Tim Pawlenty, Mayor R.T. Rybak, Father David Smith, Bob Meek, Dr. Badawi ,US Attorney Tom Hilfiger.

We are asking you today to be part of our team and raise awareness of the rich culture of the thousands of Arab/Muslim Americans and to encourage acceptance of diversity and enrich the cross-cultural dialog. Please become a sponsor of our program today. Why is becoming a sponsor so important now? Our TV program is embarking on a new era in which we give the Arab American a new voice. We need to bring the community to speak out and define themselves in post 9/11 era.
Here are our objectives:
1. Bring the Arab-American community into the culture diversity realm.
2. Introduce the Arab-American culture to the American community at large in the context of their American experience.
3. Introduce the diversity and the multiculturalism within the Arab/Muslims American community itself.
4. Introduce the different views of the Arab/Muslims Americans through alternative TV programming.
5. Give the Arab American another voice to represent their own views of current events, events that have an immediate impact on the Arab-American community here in Minnesota.

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