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Someone once said that hypocrisy is now widespread; it is not interesting anymore! In the last few weeks, we have seen Western media hypocrisy at its best spin covering the political crisis in Israel; one even warned of fear of civil war; all agreed that Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, is in trouble. The Israeli Knesset later passed the vote limiting the Supreme Court’s authority over the government. According to Thomas Friedman, a perineal Zionist Times columnist who never shies from showing his love for Israel, in his open letter op. to President Biden: ”

This Jewish democracy ( no such thing, democracy has no religion) urgently needs another airlift to save it from being destroyed from the inside.” The big idea man is making an analogy to the military Airlift aid President Richard Nixon ordered for Israel in 1973 when Egypt and Syria Amies, according to Mr. Friedman, “launched a surprise pincer attack on Israel.”  So Egyptian and Syrian Armies attacked their own occupied territories in Siena and Golan Heights. Mr. Friedman, the Friedman, Imperialist merchant, believes the border of Israel ends at the last military battle. Headlines are warning us of the danger to the beacon of democracy and no mention of the apartheid state that had violated more international law than the rest of the world put together.

“Will the Israeli Supreme Court fight back?” Wondered the Foreign Policy Magazine. “Israeli Court Ruling may determine Israeli’s democracy,” warned the Times. “The Radical makeover of the Israeli Supreme Court has nothing to do with democracy,” explained the New Republic. “Israeli Supreme Court battle takes a pause, but far from over” in A.L. Jazeera. Why is everybody panicking? Israel has violated the Palestinians’ human rights for over 70 years, stealing their lands and destroying their culture and history. The Jewish state has beheaded the nation of Palestine before our eyes under the Western pretext that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. Biden assured Netanyahu of complete support to the state of Israeli, right or wrong, Biden’s declaration during the recent visit by Israel’s President Isaac Herzog that “America’s commitment to Israel” is “firm and ironclad.” The political circus is in town again, starting with headlines about Biden and Netanyahu’s disagreements and their hatred for each other. Everyone knows so well, especially Mr. Friedman himself, that things aren’t as they used to be 50 years ago. Israel is losing its strategic importance to the modern American imperial project. Ukraine is now the democracy under the Russian threat, and Putin is the new Hitler—American airlift of sophisticated weapons now taking another route to Ukraine. The Americans have been airlifting weapons to Israel for years; Israel has been using them on the Palestinians as Ginny pigs for new weapon tests. Mr. Friedman urgently asked everyone in America to stop everything and “Save Israel from Itself”. I do not know what that means; in his open letter to Biden, he pleaded: “If I may suggest, Mr. President, what is needed is that your secretary of state, your secretary of defense, your Treasury secretary, your commerce secretary, your secretary of agriculture, your U.S. trade representative, your attorney general, your C.I.A. director, and your Joint Chiefs call their Israeli counterparts today and let them know that if Netanyahu moves ahead ( already moved) — without a consensus, fracturing Israeli society and its military — it will not only undermine the shared values between our two countries but also do serious damage to our own strategic interests in the Middle East.” Not the Jewish democracy anymore; Mr. Friedman is bargaining again; the capitalist merchant is all business. The Zionist state relied on the West for support since its birth, from the British to the French and the Americans; Mr. Friedman needs not panic, now the Arab Zionist leaders, including the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), are doing the bedding of keeping the Palestrina resentments and resistance under control. The Arab autocrats realized that their own people made up more threat to their regimes than the Zionist state. What about the shared values in the West always used to cover Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians and Arab neighbors? The Israeli shared values keep the Zionist’s supremacy of the chosen people. Shared values that mask the Jewish settlers stealing lands, protected by the Israeli military, shared values that hold a racist democracy. Everyone is panicking; the only democracy mask is falling off, revealing the ugly face of the apartheid state and Zionist racist democracy, as David Rothkopf, a former Clinton administration official and journalist, asserts that “a relationship built on shared values cannot be easily restored once it is clear those values are no longer shared.” … shared values that are finally exposed … as for president Biden, I know Mr. Friedman’s letter was open, you know you don’t have to read it! t!

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