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The Psychopath of Egypt on 60M

The recent CBS 60 Minutes interview of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi revealed as much about our media hype as much as the unstable psychological status of Egyptian dictator, this was not the first to feature an Arab dictator on a major American news network. The US media have been prepping Arab dictators for years, from Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Nobel peace winner Anwar Sadat, to MBS the Saudi young reformer; humanizing mass murderers like Reagan, Bush (father and son), and Netanyahu is becoming mainstream news. In a nutshell, the media here is not working for the public good as it was intended, instead, America’s interests and money drives the corporate media’s moral compass, adopting government narrative during wars and the corporate pocketbook and ratings during peace.



Why Ahed won’t get the Nobel Peace Prize like Malala..!!

Why Ahed won’t get the Nobel Peace Prize like Malala..!!

The gruesome images of the arrest of young Palestinian children by Israeli forces have been with us for years which increased since the first intifada of 1987. However, the arrest of the 16-year-old Palestinian, Ahed Tamimi was a reckoning symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation and the harsh treatment of the Palestinians. The image of her arrest, a young brave child, surrounded by the scorch of Israeli soldiers with full gears, looks like a seen from the force of evil and good epic movie. He arrest video went viral on social media and got lots of attentions in the Arab world, however it didn’t get as much attention here in the western media and  Trumpland America was busy with holidays shopping
Ahed, was protesting the shooting, in the head, of her 14 year old cousin by Israeli soldiers in a raid on their home, which ended up with her mother and cousin being arrested. The overwhelming force that Israeli soldiers use to humiliate Palestine children has been documented by UN and human rights organizations, but has never got the attention that the young Pakistani Malala got.

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The Hijab, the New Olympic Sport !

Hijab Vs. Bikini

Ahmed Tharwat

New Olympic sport: judging athletes in hijabs

The Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team changed the conversation about women’s dress and feminism.



AUGUST 18, 2016 — 6:40PM

Since Athens 1896, there have been many changes to the sports on the summer Olympic program. at Rio 2016 golf and rugby-7s join the program to reach 28. Aquatics, canoe/kayak, cycling, gymnastics, equestrian, volleyball and wrestling have multiple disciplines, but the new sport that was recently added and everyone was talking about is judging athletes in hijab.

The contrasting images last week of the fully clothed Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team playing the skimpily clad German team swept across media coverage and the internet during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Sports uniforms, which are big business mainly dominated by corporate sponsorship, were suddenly transformed into a cultural hot button on the beach of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Watching women with oily bodies in bikinis playing beach volleyball has become a global spectacle, attracting millions of viewers. Sexism has always been a part of women sports. But only recently, in 2012 to be exact, the FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) announced that it would no longer enforce its bikini requirement on women’s beach volleyball players.

That decision was driven not by cultural or feminist pressure, but by the global appeal of volleyball in non-Western countries and by fear of losing the market and players in places where people have different ideas about how women should dress. FIVB spokesman Richard Baker said, “We don’t think we will see much change [in attire] on the world tour.”

However, the Egyptian team not only delivered change at the Rio Olympics, but changed the conversation about women’s dress and feminism. Muslim women, body and soul, were once again in the international forefront. The West has been fixated on Muslim women’s dress for a long time. France has banned hijab wearing in public schools and government facilities, and the “burqini” — the long swimwear that some Muslim women wear — has been banned at some beaches.

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