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Is Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization, Issues & Challenges


Such a designation imposes wide-ranging economic and travel sanctions on companies and individuals who interact with the targeted group. The president responded affirmatively to Mr. el-Sisi, saying it would make sense. Some of Mr. Trump’s advisers have interpreted that as a commitment, officials said.




The Psychopath of Egypt on 60M

The recent CBS 60 Minutes interview of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi revealed as much about our media hype as much as the unstable psychological status of Egyptian dictator, this was not the first to feature an Arab dictator on a major American news network. The US media have been prepping Arab dictators for years, from Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Nobel peace winner Anwar Sadat, to MBS the Saudi young reformer; humanizing mass murderers like Reagan, Bush (father and son), and Netanyahu is becoming mainstream news. In a nutshell, the media here is not working for the public good as it was intended, instead, America’s interests and money drives the corporate media’s moral compass, adopting government narrative during wars and the corporate pocketbook and ratings during peace.



General elSisi, The F@#$ng Killer , Trump loves!!


Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear, doesn’t really throw any new punches. The Mullah of American investigative reporting, his book, wasn’t earth shuttering or breaking news; Trump is an idiot, but most people know that, even his supporters and his staff in the White House. The clown is running the political circus, along with the media, politicians and even Mr. Woodward himself on the book tour circuit; almost a 1 million copies of the book sold before it hits the stores or Amazon.


Bob Woodward’s reporting is like Thomas Friedman on steroids. If Mr. Friedman is the man of big ideas with little investigations, Woodward is the man of small ideas with lots of investigations. As someone once said, “Bob Woodward brings the truth out of boredom.” The most telling in Woodward’s new book, that didn’t get enough coverage here nor did it raise any debate in this town was when Trump reported branded Egyptian president, el-Sisi “a fucking killer.” Mr. Woodward wrote that while Trump was talking to the Egyptian dictator on the release of Aya Hijazi, an American Egyptian who was detained in Egypt for years, “…remember who I’m talking to. The guy (el-Sisi) is a fucking killer. This guy’s (a) fucking killer… I’m getting it done. He’ll make you sweat on the phone,” Trump added.

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I didn’t come from a shithole nation; I came from a shithole regime!


I didn’t come from a shithole nation; I came from a shithole regime!

According to Trump, I come from a shithole country, a country with more than five thousand years of civilization and history. It’s one of only two countries in the history of the world, besides China, that has kept its border intact, never invading another country, and unlike America, never used its army as aggressor against other countries. Against their own people yes, I’ll give you that, thanks to the America’s man in Egypt, General el-Sisi, with the worst shithole dictatorship and shithole generals who have been running Egypt for more than 60 years. Those generals look at Egypt as their inheritance from colonial masters; a military regime that acts as landlord treating their own people as second-class citizens renting the land from them in return for complete obedience and submission. Even after the most impressive revolution in human history, millions of people rose against tyranny and dictatorship.  This shithole regime has been supported, financed, and armed by the American administrations regardless of having a white or black president, Republican or Democrat.`

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