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      I left Egypt 40 years ago, finished my school, my military and my money, still no job, besides I haven’t found the women, that our lover guru, and singer Abed el Halim Hafez told us about;  with her silky hair , with name like Angie. . They say, you can take an Egyptian out of Egypt, but you can’t take Egypt out of an Egyptian. I still visit Egypt every now and then, this was one of my visit after the Jan 25th revolution, it wasn’t easy after all these years. I was warned about political climates in Egypt, marshal law, forced disappearance, political prisoners, and treatment of journalists and…

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    The Tragic Death of President Mohamed Morsi !!  Video commentary !!

    Ahmed Tharwat Commentary   A democratically elected president, ousted by a military general, imprisoned and systematically mistreated. Familiar tale. By Ahmed Tharwat JUNE 19, 2019 — 6:00PM On June 17, 2012, Mohammed Morsi was elected as the president of Egypt. On the same date seven years later, having been ousted from that role, he died in court while on trial for bogus charges such as conspiring with Qatar and Hamas, breaking out of jail, and letting prisoners escape during the chaos of the 2011 revolution. Morsi did not have much leadership experience, he wasn’t a military man, he showed a great level of incompetence and political naivety, he was nicknamed…

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    Vote Like An Egyptian..!

      Egyptians don’t seem to be in a hurry in their lives, usually late, and take their time.  They have mastered the art of sitting and doing nothing as a form of civil disobedience. last Saturday, however, millions  were rushed to  decide on a constitutional  amendment referendum that would give Abdel Fattah el-Sisi more power and the possibility of staying in office until 2030. The current constitution limited the president to only two terms, four years each, el-Sisi already in his second term. The referendum wasn’t debated, discussed in public, and nobody knows the exact details and ramifications. Egyptians have to take el-Sisi’s word for it, and mark Yes on the ballot. Share This:


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