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Top 10 signs that muslims hven’t been assimilated, according to Trump


Trump thinks Muslims don’t ‘assimilate.’ here are the Top 10 signs that a Muslim hasn’t been assimilated yet, according to @realDonaldTrump
_10 Praying at mosque not home
_9. Breaking fast at sunset not sunrise
_8. Hasn’t gone to Las Vegas yet
_7. Eating Hummus more than 3 times a week
_6. Speaking Arabic on flights
_5. Double dipping at parties.
_4. Haven’t watched American Sniper movie yet.
_3. Not eating pork at least once.
_2. Having more than 4 children
and the # 1 sign that a Muslim hasn’t been assimilated. yet
_1 not reporting on any of  those Muslims above.
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