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Muslim Americans: An Identity Crisis


Some people start their morning facing hard questions such as ‘what breakfast or coffee will I have?’ and ‘what shoe or shirt should I wear?’. Every morning however I wake up and ask myself, ‘who am I?’, ‘what identity am I wearing today?’. A time of anguish and doubt, an identity crisis in the making, my identity keeps on forming, evolving and regressing and is questioned every day.

When I left Egypt more than 30 years ago, I was a disgruntled, confused Egyptian, an Arab Muslim who was shopping around for a better life and better identity. Living 25 years of my life under a despotic dictatorship in Egypt, my personal identity was as a proud Egyptian; Arab or Muslim. That didn’t work well for me though, and defeat after defeat I left for America and escaped to a faraway place, a place that is as glamorous as their movies and seducing as their bottles of Coca-Cola.

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Being a Muslim is a Preexisting Condition!! No Cure or Insurance

Being a Muslim is a Preexisting Condition!!

The frat boys of the Republicans House of Representatives, celebrating the Trump Care win in the Rose Garden was the most disgusting, lewd political act in recent years. We aren’t even talking about the absent of women in this political binge celebration. The premature mission accomplished II” gloating about dropping the MOAB, the Mother of All Bills on millions of Americans, shows the revengeful nature of the GOP , who seems to be acting like a hate group; who hate sick, poor, seniors,  Muslims, women, science, and immigrants.

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