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My Dog , My Religion and Me!!

Oliver My dog
As a youngster where I grew up in a small village in the Egyptian delta, dogs lived outside or in the fields. My relationship with dogs was aloof, fraught with mutual disrespect. As a kid, when I saw I dog, I reached for a rock or a stick. Now living in America, I reach for my camera. My attitude toward animals and dogs has shifted and transformed drastically. America is considered a dog nation and has transformed from “one nation under God” to “one nation under dog.” It is estimated that 60-80 million dogs are owned in United States. Roughly half of all households in the United Stated have dogs.
Americans spend roughly 60 billion dollars on pets every year including: toys, gifts, grooming, food, traveling and health – 16 billion on dogs alone. (Source APPA)

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MN Art Cars… a conversation with Car Artist Toni Warner


Nearly 50 colorful cars, bicycles and a “couch-mobile” descended on Lake Harriet in Minneapolis Saturday evening for the 18th Annual ArtCar + ArtBike Parade. [Slide show by Aaron Hays and more photos by Pamela Diedrich below.]
An event like none other, hundreds of people gathered near the Lyndale Park Rose Gardens to relax and enjoy the art. For some, it is an opportunity to freely express their individuality through creation. For others, it’s a chance to enjoy the sunshine and see something unique. One person who stopped to watch described it as something like a “Harley convention.” Tom Carlson, the parade emcee, said the ArtCar community is tight knit, and held together by a “connection of nice-minded artists.” The parade started near the rose garden at 6 p.m. and made a loop around the lake.


Minnesota extreme cold weather didn’t stop Chapel Hill Shooting Vigil,

Chapel Hill Shooting Vigil



20150217_171010 Chapel Hill Shooting Vigil


Chapel Hill Shooting Vigil, Minnesota


Chapel Hill Shooting Vigil, Minnesota May Day Book Store






Barakat family
Vigil .. stand together


Wedding Pic havent seen
Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, Yusor Mohammad, 21 This is the wedding picture that they never seen.. , it was delivered after the newlywed were shot



Wedding Pic havent seen1