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    Tweet The American Taliban Images of the Afghan Taliban inside the presidential palace in Kabul are distant shadows of what took place inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 of this year. The American Taliban storming the Capitol to reinstall their cult leader back to the office after losing the election, launching stop the steal movement. In the Afghani presidential palace, you see the victorious Afghani Taliban forces surrounding their confident leader sitting in the same place where Ex. Afghani President Ashraf Ghani used to sit.  Mr. Ghani, a groomed installed western trained economist who had to give up his American citizenship to become president of Afghanistan.  Mr. Ghani has…

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    The Zionist, The Fatwa and Me!

    Tweet Lots of people don’t know Im famous…but this email was sent to me on November 16th at 1:10pm,2015 by a zionist troll organization calling itself “FOUNDATION FOR KORANIC ZIONISM” , an organization which is paid billions of dollars by the Israeli intelligence and its organizations around the world to harass and intimidate Palestinians and anybody who tries to expose the Israeli war crimes in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories. The fatwa caries Nu. 1880, what means that the zionist organization has issued 1879 “fatwa” against other people. I searched in Google and I came a cross similar “fatwas” were issued by the “WORLD MUSLIM ZIONIST ORGANIZATION ” against…

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    Mona El Tahawi lost her virginity on Airs

    Tweet    Mona El Tahawi an Egyptian American journalist, who herself was abducted in Tahrir Square, by the Military security, tortured and allegedly sexually abused, now on a self proclaimed jihad against Islamists, going on talk show circuit, breaching her anti-Islamist gospel. Her last piece in FP magazine, titled “why do they hate us”, they, are the Islamists, and us this time doesn’t mean the US, as Bush Jr. popularized it post 9/11 attack. but Muslim women, “Islamists hate our Vagina” she later explained on BBC interview. so the Islamists and the conservative republicans who are now calling for preforming ultrasounds test on women vagina before performing abortion, have one…


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