Mona El Tahawi lost her virginity on Airs


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Mona El Tahawi an Egyptian American journalist, who herself was abducted in Tahrir Square, by the Military security, tortured and allegedly sexually abused, now on a self proclaimed jihad against Islamists, going on talk show circuit, breaching her anti-Islamist gospel. Her last piece in FP magazine, titled “why do they hate us”, they, are the Islamists, and us this time doesn’t mean the US, as Bush Jr. popularized it post 9/11 attack. but Muslim women, “Islamists hate our Vagina” she later explained on BBC interview. so the Islamists and the conservative republicans who are now calling for preforming ultrasounds test on women vagina before performing abortion, have one thing in common, they all scared of women vagina. Islamist aren’t the one who hate or afraid of vagina, as Ms El Tahawi claimed, it is the Military men who does, the men with power, regardless of their religion or culture, the patriarchal society that is dominated by Military men who exercise their peor and not their islamic beliefs…


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