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An Open letter to General Al-Sisi … My Egyptian Pharaoh … Let My Nephew GO!!

Sisi Canal

My Egyptian Pharaoh … let my people go!!

Dear Mr. President, I’m sure you are a very busy man these days, running a big country like Egypt is not an easy task, lots of responsibilities; rigging election is hard work, convincing million of people that digging 20 miles tranche is a new Suez canal is a moral burden, politicizing the justice system is time consuming, keeping Egypt from becoming Syria is a full time job that I’m sure requires arresting oppositions, jailing journalists, shutting down media, suspending parliament, getting ready of the entrenched Muslims brotherhood becoming your biggest battle, working on modernizing the Islamic world is now your greatest jihad to get into the international recognition.

Mr. President now I got your attention, my name is Ahmed Tharwat, although I have been living in the United States for more than 30 years and I still feel a close connection to my native country. I am writing on behalf of my nephew Hassan in Egypt. Hassan as thousands of young Egyptians like him whom were arrested during the crackdown on protestors almost three years ago in August.  Continue reading An Open letter to General Al-Sisi … My Egyptian Pharaoh … Let My Nephew GO!!


The political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, their views of what went wrong in Egypt.

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Human Rights Violations in Egypt, International Coalition for Freedoms and Rights Part I

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In Egypt using the court system as an oppressive tool
The International Coalition for Freedoms and Rights sends an international human rights and legal delegation to attend President Mohammed Morsi s trial and document human rights violations. – See more at: http://www.icfr.info/en/#sthash.FituA…

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