• Craig Monteilh, pictured in Arab cultural dress, was recruited by the FBI to spy on Muslims. Photo: Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
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    Tweet …, the F.B.I hired  15000 informants to spy and entrap and recruit Muslims to be informants at mosques.. here is THE TOP 10 SIGNS THE MAN YOU MET AT THE MOSQUE IS AN F.B.I. INFORMANT. #10. Overly friendly (nobody is that friendly at the mosque) 9. Ask you how often do you pray a day..(only 5 prayers) 8. Confuses Hummus with Hamas. (Never ate it) 7. Invites you for a drink after Friday prayer.(doesn’t understand) 6. Sits so close to the woman’s section.(hates Muslim men, but loves Muslim women) 5. A convert 4. Tells you he loves Islam and hates America.(overdoing it) 3. Doesn’t tell you where he lives.(in…

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    Why Do They Hate Us?

    Tweet  What used to be written on bathroom walls is now headline in newspapers, what was hidden inside their liberal racism is now flashing on my friends foreheads; hating and demonizing Muslims now going mainstream.   An explosion of lies, filth and Islamophobia is spreading on social media, rallies and inside the White House. Hating Muslims is the new patriotic mantra for millions of Americans. “Burn the Quran“, “Kill Them All”, “Terrorist go home” chants, signs flashing at anti Muslim rallies and in our neighborhoods. Muslims are now the evildoers behind all the world’s problems apparently, hating and humiliating them becoming a civil duty.

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    Notes from America: Ramadan – a personal reflection

    TweetNotes from America: Ramadan – a personal reflection By Ahmed Tharwat The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began last week. This fasting month is observed by millions of Muslims around the world, unless you are in China, where anti-fasting cops resort to force feeding observing Muslims in public. The number of hours that Muslims must fast will vary based on where they live. In a country in the northern hemisphere, like Denmark, there is a whopping 22 hours of fasting time. I fear there will be some very angry Muslims over there. However, in the southern hemisphere, Argentina has the shortest fasting day with only 10 hours. In my own…


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