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“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born. Now is the time of monsters.”

Antonio Gramsci

Hamas Attacked Israel, Israel attacked Hamas, war on Hamas, Hamas beheading babies; we are going to wipe out Hamas; We are fighting human animals. Screaming headlines of Israeli media, Israeli and American politicians, social media, and the Public relations war machine—no mentions of any context, history of Israeli occupation, apartheid rule, Palestinians’ plight, or history of Palestinian resistance. Israeli attack on Palestinians framed as self-defense against terrorist Hamas. The massive bombing and destruction of 80% of Gaza City, buildings, schools, hospitals, Mosques, churches, roads, lakes, wells, and cemeteries, the work of the most sophisticated, well-equipped killing machines rid the world of monsters in Gaza. Killing 23,000 Palestinians, primarily women and children, turning millions of Palestinians into refugees in their lands,  all under the rubric of the war on Hamas.

The Israeli legal team at the ICJ claimed that Israel is the one who experienced Genocide,  Hamas, who invaded Israel by air, ground, and sea. I’m not kidding; a few hundred monsters invaded Israel for a few hours; reports now, especially in the  Israeli press, indicate that Hamas knew nothing about the Music festival, and most of the Israelis were killed by Israeli Helicopters, which panicked to prevent militants from taking hostages, so they bombed everyone. There were no beheadings of babies by Hamas or sexual assaults, as Israeli officials claimed and Biden parroted. The West has the right to go after monsters around the world, invading Afghanistan and killing more than a million Afghanis. After 20 years of war on the monsters, the Taliban, incidentally, are now running the destroyed country. The destruction of Vietnam and the killing of 100 of thousands of Vietnamese was 20 years of war on the Viet Cong, communism. America and its Western allies caused the Killing of millions of Iraqis in two invasions and the destruction of a country and 10,000-year-old civilization under the rubric of getting rid of Saddam Hussein and destroying Libya to get rid of Gaddafi. The war on terrorism mantra killed millions more. The West and the Zionist colonial project manufactured a simple war pretext, justifying their wars on weaker brown people,  they want us to believe in a just war; they must have a clear enemy, another monster. Israeli Army is the most moral Army in the world, bragged the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and Uncle Joe mimicked the claim; now Apartheid Israel is on trial for committing Genocide against the Palestinians by South Africa, a country that suffered Apartheid for years. For those who have been justifying Israeli aggression for years, that’s because Palestinians don’t have Mondale; now you have Mandela himself at the ICJ. Seven Arab Muslim countries have been destroyed since the 9/11 attacks as a result of declaring a crusade and war on monster terrorists. Millions of people were killed as a result of a terrorist act by 19 individuals. None of them were elected or even supported by any of these millions who have died as a result of this never-ending war on terrorism. In the West, they elect politicians running state terrorism; in the Arab/Muslim world, they don’t elect their terrorists; they don’t even elect their leaders. At the ICJ hearing, Israel is acting as a victim and justifying their genocidal act, ignoring the overwhelming evidence and images that we have seen in the 100 days, their rhetoric and threats of wiping out Gaza and threatening Palestinians to leave for the Egyptian border, Israeli officials invoking old testimony of genocide, “Now go, attack the Amalekites and destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.” Genocide is indoctrinated in the racist Zionist ideology: a homeland for people without land in a land without people, where over 90% of the population were Arab Palestinians before the Jewish terrorist groups,  came with their guns and Balfour Declaration. Here is the US State Department of Justice, US State Department of Justice’s own assessment of the Zionist terrorist groups.


“TRACED CHRONOLOGICALLY, THE FORMATION OF THE HAGANAH, THE IRGUN AWAI LEUMI, AND THE LOHAMEI HERUT, THEIR MILITARY AND PARAMILITARY GROUPS, THEIR ORGANIZATION, LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY AND ACTIONS ARE SHOWN TO BE INSEPARABLE IN THEIR OPERATIONS AND THEIR STRONG ZIONIST AIMS”. We are told Israel is a Jewish state and democratic, as a Palestinian activist explains, democratic for the Jews and Jewish for the Palestinians. Israel only has the right to retaliate against the monsters with impunity; Palestinians should go to the UN and Oslo’s back ally negotiations and surrender.








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