Mahmoud Saada, محمود سعاده   (  اشاش) The Shoemaker of Cairo, Worked in my Street where I grew up in Cairo, for 60 years, on my last visit last November I met him and had a conversation with him, his life, the changes in the street, his trade, and the people… Mahmoud died the same day I finished this video.. this is in his memories!

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On my last visit to Egypt, working on my documentary..on my street I met Mahmoud Saadah, they call him the Ministry’s Shoemaker… this is his story.. this is his memories..
The street inhabited by high-security buildings, Parliament, Prime ministry, and the Turkish embassy, where policemen with machine guns are sitting ignored by people, lost in the street landscape. Next to him, trash and cats comfortably resting undisturbed. Walked by Mahmoud shoe repair shop, a dark man with a white beard and wrinkled face that showed his age. Mohamoud, for more than 60th years, is working in a dark narrow small room,. Mahmoud sitting behind an 80-year-old machine, surrounded by old shoes, and the smell old leathers, carving his own private space, a place he can call home.


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