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    Tweet “We had said goodbye to life, we didn’t think anyone knew we were there.” RIP   Americans have seen many bad Arabs and Muslims; the evening news has been fixated on the misbehaving ones. Time for Americans to meet my brother Abdelrafea, known as sheikh Obed, a name he earned for being the only brother out of seven who went to the (Kottab) religion school in the village, as a four-year-old. the adventure lasted one day. “The Imam held a big stick,” he explained. My brother had just passed away, I promised sheikh Obed, one day Ill tell your story to the American people.   I’m not sure they would…

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    Tweet On a cool summer morning in the western suburb of the Twin Cities. Taking my dog for our daily walk; the air was fresh and clean; the birds were chirping; the houses are enveloping by massive green trees. The neighborhood was quiet before trash trucks roared in, the lawnmowers had not launched their assault on our hearing, and True Green service had not waged its chemical warfare on the green! The dog was full of energy and joy, looking forward to a new sniffing experience on each corner. On the narrow street, the dog suddenly stopped and seemed confused, looking at a black blanket of berries covering the street…

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    TweetA mystery love story, of a young schoolboy trapped in his imaginations! The Village: I was born either on the First of August or the First of October it depends on my official certificate and family stories. This doubt carried on to the rest of my life.  My village Meet Swaid was small with one street, one river, one bridge, one mosque, and one school. The village resting on the bank of the Egyptian Nile delta. The narrow streets, the mud and windless houses connected like an old stalled cargo train. People’s lifestyles hadn’t changed that much since the time of the pharaohs, and local demographers couldn’t find any dramatic…


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