Top Ten Signs that you may have been radicalized

Law enforcement launched CVE, Counter Violent Extremism programs that use a scale to measure signs of how Muslims get radicalized

here are Top Ten Signs that you may have been radicalized:

#10 . you missed shaving your beard more than 5 days

#9. You had Falafel and Humus at same time in breakfast

#8. Stop buying deodorants that has alcohol in them

#7. Didn’t watch the American Sniper film!

#6. Don’t stand during national anthem at Baseball games

#5. Asking for Halal beer at bars …

#4. Start praying at mosque during weekdays

#3. Doing a “woduoa” at public bathroom

#2. Calling your siblings brothers

and the #1 sign that you have been radicalized is

#1. You use your hijab as a Cell phone holder

please if you experience more than one of these sign call you nearest mosque or school they are working with law enforcement to help you with the de-radicalization process! It is free!


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