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Everyone called them  .”el Nahseen” pots &pans family, our neighbor,… they weren’t typical farmers, they had a different lifestyle, they were not one of the locals…, they were the strangers a.. outsiders…, their house was always a mystery to me, dark and smoky, I was fascinated by a windless room where they had cleaned and shined villagers pots and pans. inside the the room was something I never seen anywhere or in other villagers houses…, a coal oven, that used for work on the pots and pans… , it was always on fire… , where an air-pump  ignited the fire to a deep red embers…,  the father was fun to be around, always smiling and kind to his children …….the daughter “Boushra”,.. was vibrant, cute and playful, I envied her, free spirt, always waking half the street, disregarding and ignoring all the stairs , on early morning summer day, she stopped by my house, start knocking on the door, when my older brother brother opened the door, I heard him laughing so hard, Boushra the 4 year old girl, the daughter of “el Nahseen” family  was completely naked, …. , she innocently asked about me, a 4/5 year old child., it was the first time anyone asked about me..!

until today… my family and close friends remind me of the story… of my first girlfriend!!


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