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Dogs don’t chase Village Fools …!!


                                                 My Old House in the village as stands NOW

In our village, dogs chased kids and kids chased  Rafut: The village fool , as he was known to everyone, a middle age well built man, a stranger, and outsider, he wasn’t one of the locals, no family, no address and no last name. You never seen him in the fields or at the barber shop, Only showed up in weddings and funerals, for free handout of food, in the street, kids paraded him with insults , showered him with rocks , never retaliated, never complained,,, and that was his only way to survive kids brutality and village ambivalence ! Rafut… , I alway wondered why dogs never chased the village fool!!




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Everyone called them  .”el Nahseen” pots &pans family, our neighbor,… they weren’t typical farmers, they had a different lifestyle, they were not one of the locals…, they were the strangers a.. outsiders…, their house was always a mystery to me, dark and smoky, I was fascinated by a windless room where they had cleaned and shined villagers pots and pans. inside the the room was something I never seen anywhere or in other villagers houses…, a coal oven, that used for work on the pots and pans… , it was always on fire… , where an air-pump  ignited the fire to a deep red embers…,  the father was fun to be around, always smiling and kind to his children …….the daughter “Boushra”,.. was vibrant, cute and playful, I envied her, free spirt, always waking half naked.in the street, disregarding and ignoring all the stairs , on early morning summer day, she stopped by my house, start knocking on the door, when my older brother brother opened the door, I heard him laughing so hard, Boushra the 4 year old girl, the daughter of “el Nahseen” family  was completely naked, …. , she innocently asked about me, ..as a 4/5 year old child., it was the first time anyone asked about me..!

until today… my family and close friends remind me of the story… of my first girlfriend!!