A Hot Conversation… at a Coffe Shop

Caribou tea

I stopped at Caribou Coffe Shop and ordered a hot cup of tea, servers can get panicky when you just order tea at coffe shop, theoretically you can have more than 100,000 different kind of coffe drinks at coffee shops,and you just ordered tea, you must be joking, but this time in less than 3 mintes, the server handed me my tea and asked…
_ Do you want some ice with that..
_ I asked for hot Tea
_ It is hot tea
_ What the ice for …
_ To cool off your tea ..
_ Is it too hot..
_ It is how we make it..
_ Can you heat it less..
_ I go by the manual…
end of the conversation..
Welcome to America, … the tyranny of choice … sugarless drinks that sugar added, Natural water that is purified, when it comes to our food and drinks, nothing is added as a selling point,we pay premium for adding things, not adding thing, and for taking away things, 2% milk, 80% lean beaf, … American are terrified of two things, terrorists and pits in the olives .. there are books and instructions on how you eat Olives with pits politely .. we have seedless grape and watermelon, boneless chicken.. the idea of eating for American is just that… eating, no time for anything else, to take the pits our or chow on bones…the food is processed, specially eating in cars, we only have one hand! No hand for cleaning all this crabs. If McDonalds took the reverence out of dining, KFC took the bones out of the chicken.


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