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    A Hot Conversation… at a Coffe Shop

    Tweet I stopped at Caribou Coffe Shop and ordered a hot cup of tea, servers can get panicky when you just order tea at coffe shop, theoretically you can have more than 100,000 different kind of coffe drinks at coffee shops,and you just ordered tea, you must be joking, but this time in less than 3 mintes, the server handed me my tea and asked… ……. _ Do you want some ice with that.. _ I asked for hot Tea _ It is hot tea _ What the ice for … _ To cool off your tea .. _ Is it too hot.. _ It is how we make it..…

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    Drink tea like an Egyptian…

    Tweet . , drinking tea in Egypt is a tradition that reflects Egyptian personalities, and identities, they drink tea with passion, in groups, as the saying “drinks alone dies alone”, Tea is one of the biggest source of energy to a lt of Egyptians, so using sugar is a must, unlike coffee no such thing as black tea, the ritual of drinking tea is well established, people will go to cafe to drink tea for hours, Egyptian can have fun with no alcohol, so if you want to drink tea like an Egyptian, here how you do it: Drink tea only in small glass, take shots like whiskey, use your…


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