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    Tweet There are over 40,000 McDonalds around the world, So when one of them closes which is a rarity it does not make the evening news, but when Dinkytown’s McDonald’s has finally closed, it made a big splash in Minnesota conversation.  After 57 years of serving the local poor, the site at the corner of 4th Street and 15th Avenue is now going to serve the outsider rich giving way to a proposed upscale apartment development. Under the Dinkytown McDonalds’ rubble lay some of my earliest American memories.My first visit to the Dinkytown McDonald’s was in the summer of 1977, as a young immigrant dusting off  the remains of life…

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    Tweet I was born in a small, quite unassuming village resting on the bank of the Egyptian Nile delta. The narrow streets, the mud and windless houses connected like an old stalled cargo train. People’s lifestyles hadn’t changed that much since the time of the pharaohs, and local demographers couldn’t find any dramatic census changes for a long time, around a 1,000 with a slim margin of error. Villagers lived the simple life of a farming community, and their interest in the outside world went only as far as the edge of their corn fields. At dawn, men left with their animals for work and came back at dusk, while…

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    A Hot Conversation… at a Coffe Shop

    Tweet I stopped at Caribou Coffe Shop and ordered a hot cup of tea, servers can get panicky when you just order tea at coffe shop, theoretically you can have more than 100,000 different kind of coffe drinks at coffee shops,and you just ordered tea, you must be joking, but this time in less than 3 mintes, the server handed me my tea and asked… ……. _ Do you want some ice with that.. _ I asked for hot Tea _ It is hot tea _ What the ice for … _ To cool off your tea .. _ Is it too hot.. _ It is how we make it..…


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