Top Ten List

Top 10 signs that an Arab American has been watched by the FBI

10. Your magic Jack phone number given to you is 911.

9. You  order of Hummus delivered to your by a Drone,.

8. You have been ticketed for DWM (Driving While Muslim)

7. The color of the National Security Alert changes to red every time you drive by the airport

6. The only thing that you enjoyed in your last trip, is being frisked at the airport.

5. On your fBook , the writing is on the wall.

4. You have more twitter followers than Madonna.

3. Your mailman stop delivering your mail from oversee

2. You have been arrested for sleeping over with other Arabs friends (sleeping cell)

And the #1 sign that an Arab American is being watched by the FBI

1. 1. FBI, stands for Falafel Behavior Investigation.


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