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Top ten traveling advisories for Arab/ Muslim Americans

Top ten traveling advisories for Arab/ Muslim Americans

For a safe flight please

10. Have a clean shave

9. Don’t ask for a helal meal

8. Leave the Qur’an at home, there is another holy book in every hotel room, same stories.

7. Don’t listen to Arabic music on the flight

6. If they ask you to take your shoes off, this is not time to pray.

5. If there is an emergency landing, chanting “Allahu Akber, could be deadly.

4. If someone ask you how was your flight, it is not necessary to mention hell.

3. Don’t ever go to the bathroom, just sweat it out.

2. Don’t travel in groups, group discount means just that!

1. If they ask you to move to the back of the plane, this is not a Rosa Parks moment.

Have a wonderful flight and good luck..


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