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    TweetThe Kiss of Death Luis Rubiales, Spanish Football Federation chief, is resigning after the kiss scandal.  Luis Rubiales kissed star player Jenni Hermoso on the lips as he handed the Spanish team gold medals last month, provoking outrage and protests from Spanish national players and the sports community, resulting in a global reckoning and turmoil. A few minutes before the Kiss, it didn’t help to see Mr. Rubiales grabbing his crotch as a victory gesture at the exclusive section sitting with Queen Letizia of Spain and 16-year-old Princess Sofia nearby. During his press conference, Mr. Rubiales repeatedly refused to resign and got a standing ovation.

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    The Hijab … and other scary stories.

    TweetCloth throughout history  worn for a political, personal or functional reason. Muslim cloth in general and Hijab in particular, have triggered so much debate and controversial in this country. America seemed  obsessed with what Muslim women wear or don’t wear as if the only problem we are facing in this country. where, Political hijab is celebrated everyday in the White House and national news.  The symbolism of Muslim hijab ranges from an oppression of Muslim women to a strong identity and a strong feminist stand.  Lately we have two Muslim women who used hijab to break ground with totally different symbolism. “Halima Aden and Rep. Ilhan Omar. “Halima Aden both,  brook…

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    The Hijab, the New Olympic Sport !

    Tweet Ahmed Tharwat New Olympic sport: judging athletes in hijabs The Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team changed the conversation about women’s dress and feminism. By AHMED THARWAT   AUGUST 18, 2016 — 6:40PM Since Athens 1896, there have been many changes to the sports on the summer Olympic program. at Rio 2016 golf and rugby-7s join the program to reach 28. Aquatics, canoe/kayak, cycling, gymnastics, equestrian, volleyball and wrestling have multiple disciplines, but the new sport that was recently added and everyone was talking about is judging athletes in hijab. The contrasting images last week of the fully clothed Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team playing the skimpily clad German team…


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