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    Why the West is fixated on Muslim women’s wardrobes

    Tweet Muslim women living in the West are attacked in the streets, supermarkets, buses, and football games, just for wearing the hijab. In France, Muslim students are denied education for wearing hijabs, last week a 15-year-old Muslim student was banned from school for wearing a long black skirt, “seen as openly religious for the secular France”, reported UK newspaper The Guardian. A Muslim woman was shown in a picture wearing a flag wrapped over her head, it was deemed as blasphemy. The reactions on Social media were fraught with anger and violence. The Twitter Account @BannedIslam posted the picture of the young Muslim woman with this question: What would you…

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    The Hijab… ! My Family and Me

    Tweet  Hijab, the traditional Islamic head cover, has triggered lots of discussion and debate in the west for years, The west has been paying so much attention to Muslim women’s dress than Muslim women’s mind. Muslim women’s hijab comes in so many different sizes, colors and styles, depending on the country, person and culture, from partially covering the head, to the Full Monty of the Burka/Niqab which covers the full head and face except eyes.   Why the west is paying that much attention to Muslim women Islamic tradition cloth, only God and Victoria’s Secret know. The perception of hijab in the west ranges from a symbol of oppression of…

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    Egypt First Lady… one of many firsts!

    TweetOn June 24, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party was named the winner of the Egyptian presidential election. He is the first civilian elected president in Egypt’s long history. Morsi also is the first Islamist to get to the presidential palace, and the first Egyptian president with the name Mohammed as an actual first name (Hosni Mubarak and Anwar Sadat injected the name for Islamic flavor). He is the first Egyptian president to have earned an actual doctoral degree, and the first to win election with less than 90 percent of the vote (he got 51.7 percent). He is the first Egyptian president educated at a…


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