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    My Dog , My Religion and Me!!

    As a youngster where I grew up in a small village in the Egyptian delta, dogs lived outside or in the fields. My relationship with dogs was aloof, fraught with mutual disrespect. As a kid, when I saw I dog, I reached for a rock or a stick. Now living in America, I reach for my camera. My attitude toward animals and dogs has shifted and transformed drastically. America is considered a dog nation and has transformed from “one nation under God” to “one nation under dog.” It is estimated that 60-80 million dogs are owned in United States. Roughly half of all households in the United Stated have dogs.…

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    Muslim Americans … get a puppy

    By AHMED THARWAT Last update: April 18, 2009 – 10:22 PM Print this story E-mail this story Save to del.icio.us Share on newsvine Share on Digg Follow Opinion Exchange on Twitter More from Commentary Q & A with Norm Coleman: ‘Getting it right is of critical importance’ New normal is painful for state workers ANTITAX FERVOR BLOWBACK 900,000 search results can’t be wrong Scavenging in the ash heap of history If you were like the millions of Americans still wondering whether President Obama is a Muslim or not, wonder no more. He is not. The Obama family has just adopted a Portuguese water dog named Bo. Muslims don’t easily live with…


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