ISRAEL 9/11!

The reaction of American officials and media is quick, reflexive, myopic, and void of any context.” Hamas is terrorist, and the act is “unprovoked,” and Israel has the right to defend itself; the Palestinians have just to accept that 11th commandant prophecy, and most of all this is Israel/911. Which I disagree, first that New York was not an occupied territory, protected by armies , and the two towers did not have illegal settlers. When a white kid takes a machine gun and kills 10s of innocent people at a church, nightclub, or school, we immediately ask what led the nice boy to commit such a heinous act. Did he have a girlfriend or a tick-tock account? Was he sexually active? Did he lose his parent’s attention and care? But that changed a bit when President Biden finally told the world that the Hamas militant attack on Israel was “Sheer Evil.”  “There are moments in this life, and I mean this literally, when the pure, unadulterated evil is unleashed on this world.

The people of Israel lived through one such moment this weekend,” Biden told reporters at the White House. That Hams wanted to kill the Jews, not the illegal settlers, or the occupiers Zionists, “… that militants intentionally target civilians while democracies like the United States and Israel are “stronger and more secure when we act according to the rule of law,” Biden said. If what Israel and Americans have been doing is according to the rule of law, this is the law of the jungle. Israel and America are the most international law violators; the American reaction to 9/11 is destroying two countries and killing more than four million people directly or indirectly. The Israelis killed 10,000 Palestinians in the last 20 years; now, they kill one a minute in their savage attack on Gaza. and here is another thing: Israel was the one who helped create Hamas to counter the secular Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO ) during the 1980’s. Netanyahu keeps saying, that the war on Hamas is a matter of life or death for Israel, but how about the war on Palestinians in the West Bank, and the war in Lebanon, and Syria? He is asking the Palestinians to leave Gaza for Egypt. The irony is that most people living in Gaza came as refugees from Palestine since 1948 when terrorist Jewish settlers started slaughtering men, women, and children in Palestinian towns. What is more interesting is comparing the Hamas attack to Israel’s 9/11. A simple Google search for “Israel 9/11 ” produced 50,600,000 hits. “This is our 9/11,” says the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. “This is our 9/11,” says the Israeli military’s spokesperson. “This is the equivalent for Israel of probably what happened in the United States on September 11,” says Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. “Israeli Faces Its 9/11,” says the Wall Street Journal op-ed page. This business of the unprovoked 9/11 sheer evil attack overlooked the context that led to the Hamas militants attack. People keep asking if I condemn what Hamas did. What Hamas did is complicated and unprecedented. I will let history decide; Hamas is a Palestinian national resistance movement that was elected by the Palestinians, a rarity in the Arab world.  What is the rush to condemn, Do you condemn the occupation and the apartheid state? We still don’t know what happened on 9/11; we condemned Yasser Arafat, then gave him the Noble Peace Prize; we condemned Nelson Mandela, then gave him a noble Peace Prize; we condemned Martin Luther King, and he started a civil rights movement, and most of all lots of people condemned Jesus, now he has more than a billion followers. The occupation of the Palestinian land for more than 70 years and the racist apartheid state. The humiliation of Palestinians by illegal settlers used as a human shield of the Zionist state, the desecrating of Al Quds mosque, and human rights violations in the West Bank are ignored daily occurrences. Over two million Palestinians in Gaza have been under siege for 17 years, living in concentration camps,  where people are under savage bombardment every minute of their lives, and can’t find electricity, water, or proper healthcare. This attack was carried out by young Palestinians who had never been on the other side of the fence; they used the spectacles of images to create a new reality and narrative in a hyperreal world. When your existence is an act of terrorism? When you are facing a superpower and under total domination, when the world abandons you, when all human channels are closed, then you want to challenge the dominant system, you go for the spectacle, for the symbolic violence, you use your death as the weapon to show you still alive. The French intellectual Jean Baudrillard explained the spirit of the 9/11 terrorist attack, “Never attack the system in terms of relationship or force. That is the imagination the system itself forces upon you. Shift the struggle into the symbolic sphere, where the rule is that of challenge, reservation, and outbidding:” When Israel destroys Gaza, and the 3M plus Palestinians vanished, as Israel wishes to do now. When Israel has total domination, no one will challenge it; Israel’s existence will fall on its own power weight, self-destruct, and commit national suicide. As Jean Baudrillard said, “The fear is not terrorism, but the state of ending terrorism”!


October 23, 2023





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