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    How I lost my Golf Partner to Donald Trump!!

    Tweet By Ahmed Tharwat I took up golfing right after  realizing that  I couldn’t play soccer anymore, couldn’t run, so I took walking as a sport, besides as  a Muslim I wanted to be assimilated. Growing up in Egypt I had never had a chance to play this illusive game or even come close to being on a golf course. Golf is still an individualistic and very much a disciplined game for someone who played and lived for a long time with the game of proximity and improvisation: the game of soccer. Golf needs a conservative mindset that uses linear thinking. Soccer is more liberal that requires a nonlinear mindset. GOLF…

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    Three Shots Of Tee

    Tweet  Three shots of tee In sports as in life as you grow older, the game gets slower and the ball gets smaller (pun intended). For me, I moved from playing football (soccer), to tennis and now to the game of golf. As a kid growing up in Egypt I had never had the chance to play this elusive game of golf or even see a golf course in person. But as Greg Mortenson, a controversial American social activist, in his book “Three Cups of Tee,” talked about an Afghani elder’s conversation with him while building schools for Afghani girls without consulting with the locals, “in Afghanistan” he advised, “First…

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    How Football…explains America!!

    TweetNotes from America: How American football…explains America Daily News Egypt  /   February 7, 2015  / By Ahmed Tharwat Last Sunday, more than 140 million Americans congregated in living rooms, bars, restaurants to eat, drink and watch the Super Bowl XLIX  (49). This is the biggest sporting event of the year, with highest TV rating (39.1 points); the game day ticket price averaging $10,466, it brought more than $500M economic value (debatable) to host city, a 30 second ad costs $4.5m, in fact, so a FIAT 500X crossover car covering one minute ad costs $9m, that for the first time mixed cars and Viagra. American football is not just a game, it is a huge entertaining culture exhibition,…


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