Last week, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, the runaway royals sat on Oprah Winfrey’s couch to spill the beans, their fairytale story when Harry met Meghan captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. CBS aired it in America on Sunday, and the next day, aired in the United Kingdom. The royal couple’s long-waited two-hour interview is a story of runaway, escaping racism inside the monarchy family. Karl Marx once said, “History repeats itself first as a tragedy, second as a farce.” The history of run-away slaves is complex, deep, and troubling. They reported that over 100,000 slaves escaped the harsh racism in America. They risked their lives avoiding armed racist militia, and hostile terrains and communities; they walked, ran, hid for months and years, swam, crossed rivers and lakes, and even some even mailed themselves to safety. They disguised, they plotted, they lied, they faked reinvented themselves to freedom. They left their families, children, and loved ones behind, not sure if they would ever see them again. Meghan and Prince Harry the runaway couple didn’t have to go to that great length to escape to their freedom from the racism in Buckingham Palace and the racist kingdom. Their escape didn’t end up as tragically as the Prince’s mother another royal runaway.

The royal couple booked a plane and fled safely to America. . Ms. Winfrey who mastered the art of emotional extortion, squeezing dark secrets from her guests, and manipulating her audiences; the choke and awe, the brief pause, the glaring eyes, and the mouth’s opening, the terrified look that captures the audience’s suspense and imaginations. I admitted I didn’t watch the two hours interview entirely. I’m emotionally fragile. However, Millions of people worldwide watched the interview Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that affected over 120 million people worldwide and killed almost three million. People were eager to find out the shocking news; the British royal family mistreated the couple and didn’t support them when they needed the most or even provided security to their newborn child. Meghan is the first mixed-race in the royal family concerned about god-forbid, the skin color of the child. The 94-year-old British Queen finally came out of her hiding to respond to racism’s adverse claims inside Buckingham Palace. “The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerned. While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately,” she added. “Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be much-loved family members.” She added.. The British people, liberal and otherwise, racists and non-racist, young and old, had a monarchy snap, chocked by the couple damaging claims, blaming them for spelling the beans. Racism inside the royal family is not shocking news for lots of people. The British Tabloid media were not as kind to the run-away prince and his ungrateful colored wife. They told a different story; they painted a bleak picture of horror to interview. The Telegraph thought the interview’s revelations are an “Insult to the Queen” and the “Markle just doesn’t speak our language.”

The Guardian tells us that the couple’s claims set the “Palace in Crisis” and devastating. The Metro declared war with the headline “The war of the Windsors”. with a front-page headline “Just the Four of Us Now” with a black-and-white picture of the couple, the pregnant Meghan holding their son alone in a background that looks like an island. 

The Daily Express worried about how the Queen is going to take this news. It thought, “It is so sad it comes to this as if it is the couple fault. The daily Mirror labeled the royal crisis as “the worst crisis in 85 years,” and the royal palace is in a meltdown handling the royal saga.” “What Have They Done” asked the Daily Mail’s headline. So what have Harry and Meghan done? , the run-away royals escaped from racism and mistreatments to America, where the old tradition had started over 350 years ago. 

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