Once the COVID Vaccination program launched a few weeks ago. We have many confusion and debates, vaccination clinics and centers around the country fraught with shortages and delays. People raised questions about eligibility and accessibilities, who should jump the vaccine elders, healthcare providers, and essential workers; nobody is sure of the criteria used, which varies from state to state and county to county. For sure, blacks and Latinos who are hit the most by the deadly virus are getting the least vaccinated. Once President Biden announced his ambitious vaccination program promising 200 million Americans would get vaccinated by the end of the summer. Still dismal results, few people got vaccinated, those with faster internet and resources were lucky; however, the most vulnerable were the unlucky ones.

“We weren’t going to prioritize those who simply had the fastest internet service or best cell provider and got through fastest and first,” said Stacy Beard, county spokeswoman in Washington. Vaccination centers and clinics in majorities black areas around the country notice something that they saw before, lots of whites folks flocking their clinics. “Suddenly, our clinic was full of white people,” said Mr. Jones, the head of Bread for the City, which provides services to the poor. “We’d never had that before. We serve people who are disproportionately African-American.”. The online base vaccination system is infinitely biased to those with faster internet and wealth. The research found that most of the people selected to take the vaccine were from wealthier Zip code area.

Storming the Capitol

While the media fascination the Capitol’s hillbilly coup on Jan6th, where nobody as the New York Times talked about the other coup, the epistemic coup, the information coup! The people who control the information control the power. We live in a world taken over by behemoth digital companies, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, where their algorithm controls our lives, turning our emotions into profits and control who get the Covide Shot or not. “In an information civilization, societies are defined by questions of knowledge — how it is distributed, the authority that governs its distribution, and the power that protects that authority. Who knows? Who decides who knows? Who decides who decides who knows? Surveillance capitalists” Shoshana Zuboff, the author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.”. Now algorithm controls they should get vaccinated or not even in the Covid Vaccine lottery in Minnesota. I was one of the lucky ones selected; 226,244 entered for the 9425 doses available. The few ones who were randomly selected were mostly randomly whites from randomly wealthy Zip codes, including mine, in Minnetonka. It still wasn’t easy for an internet savvy like me to follow-through the online instructions.

My wife talked to me about a Covid-19 lottery online program for people 65+ in Minnesota, asked me to check it out; she is not eligible for it yet. I logged on to the link provided and filled out my personal information; name, birthday, Zip Code, ethnicity, a few health questions, allergies, having any COVID Systems, and then submitted in the form with hesitation. The next day I got a text congratulating me that I was one of the lucky ones. Asked me to log on to the link and confirm right away. So I did; there were only two Vaccination locations available, one in Blain Sports Center and Earle Brown Center in Brooklyn Center. I chose the latter;  I live in the western suburb of  Minnetonka.! They sent me a confirmation scanning bar to take to the Vaccination center, bring it with a picture Id to the center they asked.; come only 15 minutes earlier and wear a mask.

Wearing two masks and too eager, I got to Earle Brown Vaccination center, Brooklyn Center,  found lines, lanes,  signs, orange cones, friendly staff, Older couples, Husbands and Wives, daughter and mother, people on a wheelchair. Wondering in the parking lot of the Vaccination center, not lots of conversation were going on. The sign shows the direction where to go and which gate to enter. A National Guard politely giving instructions to which lane to follow. Then things started turning to black and white, the people who are administrating the vaccine shots were none-whites. The security on front door was an African America, the staff taking your temperature was Somali, the nurse that screens your name was an African American, the nurse that gives the shot, from west Africa. I also noticed something else, almost all the people who came for the vaccine were whites, who seems to be in Brooklyn Center for the first time, where over 69% of the people who live there, are non-whites. , winning the Covid Vaccine lottery has become a white privilage!

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