Director of SMITTEN, Barry Morrow: “The idea of the film, started with a lover’s wish in Italy!”


Smitten! is a fanciful romp and more – a fable, a caper, and four romances rolled into one.  It begins when Tyler Hutton, a novice New York fashion exec, flies to Milan, Italy, in hopes of closing a deal and impressing his boss, his estranged father.  Instead, Tyler is kidnapped and driven into the mountains by three bumbling Mafioso – AldoBambo, & Cetto – to be held for ransom.  They manage to get themselves lost, though, and spend the night in an abandoned cottage in a village that is under a spell.  Upon awakening, each benighted man falls in love with the first living soul to meet his eyes… Smitten!





Ahmed Tharwat …. in the middle Ahmed Tharwat Im a host and producer of the Arab-Muslim Americans TV show BelAhdan with Ahmed (with open arms), a weekly TV show that airs on public TV Mondays at 1030PM. As a regular speaker and contributor on Public Radio show All Thing Considered, I have shared my unique view of world and American political and social events. As a regular contributor to StarTribune, the Pioneer Press, and Twin City Planet , also he has written to national and international magazines, such Slate, Diversify Inc and Al Jazeera English. I won the Pioneer Press community columnist award in 2000. In all my work, I have been Trying to bring Arab/Muslims to mainstream Americans.. . I believe that when it comes to politics “Nobody has a monopoly on stupidity” Thanks In The Middle ... Ahmed Tharwat/ Host BelAhdan TV show Freelance Writer, Public Speaker, International Media Fixer


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