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A Father who has been looking for a cure for his son, leads Unite2 Fight Paralysis

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Matthew Roderick”s life has changed drastically after his son Spinal Cord injury. For four years,  he traveled all over the world, desperately trying to find a cure for his son. Then he found out that, the best way to help his son, is to help every one else, Now he Leads Unite2 Fight Paralysis organization. .. incurable story…

Unite2 Fight Paralysis :

In the spring of 2005, just 6 months after the passing of Christopher Reeve, six “bionic women” organized the first Rally in Washington on behalf of the spinal cord injury community. Three of the women – Pam Bailey, Susan Maus, and Betheny Winkler – had spinal cord injuries or disease themselves. The other three – Faye Armitage, Suzanne Poon, and Marilyn Smith – all had sons with spinal cord injuries. Their collective determination to fight for a cure led to the historic Washington Rally.

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Unite2 Fight Paralysis



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