Being a Muslim is a Preexisting Condition!! No Cure or Insurance

Being a Muslim is a Preexisting Condition!!

The frat boys of the Republicans House of Representatives, celebrating the Trump Care win in the Rose Garden was the most disgusting, lewd political act in recent years. We aren’t even talking about the absent of women in this political binge celebration. The premature mission accomplished II” gloating about dropping the MOAB, the Mother of All Bills on millions of Americans, shows the revengeful nature of the GOP , who seems to be acting like a hate group; who hate sick, poor, seniors,  Muslims, women, science, and immigrants.

CHAUNCEY DEVEGA asked in Salon “Why do Republicans and conservatives have such disdain for the weak, the vulnerable and the sick? Why do they want to kill the “useless eaters?”.  This caused a major outcry from the pundits, healthcare experts, doctors and hospital officials. On the other hand, the pro-life faithful have no problem causing bankruptcy, suffering, and even death to the poor and the sick. If you are sick or poor it is your fault and your personal responsibility to be heathy and rich, because nobody dies from not having a health insurance, their perverse claim. This is easy to say for someone who is guaranteed a free fully- covered health insurance for life. We are talking about growing up as rich white men cheering for healthcare which was coined by some as death care that will leave millions of people without insurance and could cause the death of lots of people with chronic diseases, and deny it for people of preexisting conditions.  This is taking place when Trump is cutting billions of dollars in taxes for the 1% super rich billionaires like Trump himself. Millions of white middle class Americans are waking up to this monstrous healthcare bill, and they are rallying and demonstrating all over the nation since Trump promised to repeal ACA better known as Obama care. I attended a few of these demonstrating here in the Twin Cities. The biggest concern of those folks who are mostly white and mostly participating for the first time, the fact that Trump Care hurting them personally and threaten their lifestyles, and most of all won’t cover their preexisting medical condition. As a Muslim American, I have been politically active for all my life, fighting for freedom and justice from Egypt to the US, but where were all those white folks who take their sings and march every week all these years.  In America being a Muslim is a preexisting condition for discrimination and Islamophobia, being a black is a preexisting condition for discrimination and racism. being a woman is a preexisting condition for sexism and objectification of women, being an immigrant is a preexisting condition for discrimination and exploitation. We all have a preexisting condition, of some sort and being mature human we accept them all and they have place in our midst, our neighborhoods, works, and country. We understand them all. Still the Republicans and conservatives are cheering for this sickening evil health care of Trump, showing the adolescent nature of our culture, where being selfish is a virtue, greed is good and sharing and giving to the needy is considered un-American. Jesus loves the rich, and your wealth shows your faith and your goodness. Your failure to stay healthy is your fault, and it is your responsibility, a crime and you must be punished for it. But whose fault is it when wasting trillions of dollars on militarism and building an industrial complex that won’t keep us all safe. Can I opt out of that, can we abolish the military and everyone fights for him/herself? According to recent Pew Research; Republicans are more likely to blame the poor, who believe that the reason someone is poor generally has more to do with of a lack of effort (56%) than circumstances beyond a person’s control (32%). In fact the circumstances play a major rule in people fortunate and future.  However, Social Scientist  asserted again and again, that America is extremely hierarchical and circumstances like  family wealth and income — as well as race and gender — are more important than “hard work” in determining an individual’s class mobility.

Is being a Muslim a cultural cringe, a preexisting condition in America today, you bet it is. It has been for a long time. Muslims now must work harder than privileged whites folks, we have to be careful what to wear, what to say and do. We must cleanse our charged language to moderates and adhere to cute Islam beliefs, where women have to wear a hat instead of a hijab, and men stay away from mosques. We have to veer away from words that are too ethnic for some folks; so instead of fasting in Ramadan it is our lent, , halal becomes Kosha, and Sharia becomes personal cultural believes,   Jihad becomes war on terrorism,  , fight is suddenly working hard, and a good Muslim is the unfaithful Muslim, the one who drinks and eat pork and ham at parties. We must ethnically cleanse our life and adopt, prepare our houses when we have  guests, no funny smelly food, no Garlic Hummus, no falafel, or Baba Ghanoush,  no Islamic signs on walls,  or Arabic music in public, cars, on Airplanes, and make sure to put that prayer rug away when the cable guy or the plumber are coming. Hey America, being human is a preexisting condition as it, however being a Muslim is a preexisting condition that can’t be cured or insured, as Muslims, we must worry about not only the banning of Muslims and Islamophobia but also banning of heath care!!



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