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British Writer Shereen Malherbe , Her New Novel Jasmine Falling

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Shereen Malherbe is a writer, author & speaker who spends her time in the U.K and the United Arab Emirates.
Her debut novel, Jasmine Falling has recently been published.
Her work features in various newspapers, such as Middle East Eye, opinion columns, magazines and has represented non-profit organisations.

She also writes for Muslimah Media Watch about the representation of Muslim women in the media and pop culture.

Shereen has appeared on British Muslim TV and the Islam Channel as a guest to talk about her new novel and the representation of Muslim women in western media and currents topics such as islamophobia.

She is available for freelance writing pieces, speaking events, interviews and guest appearances. If you would like to be interviewed or profiled for a potential press piece, please get in touch. For any further information you can contact Shereen at

To keep up to date with her work follow this site or on Twitter @malherbegirl


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