Egyptian Revolution 4 Years Later… What went Wrong?


Shaimaa shot 2

The Killing of a Poet…

A friend, crouching down, grabs Ms. Sabbagh around the waist as she stands upright with blood running down her face.

A poem about her lost purse.
“I am not sure
Truly, she was nothing more than just a purse
But when lost, there was a problem
How to face the world without her.”
what scared the savage is the poet not the activist…


Nancy Atteyah, a journalist, an eyewitness to the gunned down of‪#‎ShaimaaElsabagh‬, “she was shot in the head from a close range, left to bleed to death,looked inside her purse to identify her, it has in it 5LE, and 2 cel phones, egyptian passport”…

أرسلت نانسي عطية، شاهدة عيان، شهادتها الخاصة إلى «شــارك» حول وقائع مقتل شيماء…

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